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Author Topic: Sweet Katya in Merthyr  (Read 939 times)

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Offline HughJardon

I dont think shes grasped the spelling " werthyr tydfil" the home of werthers originals


I wouldnt want adultwork feedback off her look what shes left

"good.time .very good gay see you again kiss"

Thanks Hugh, Tried booking but turned out to be a time waster, went to location she give, hotel in the town but then she would not give room number.. Must be after the PG scam..

While looking after this time waster, I spotted this lady on AW and looks very nice.

 https://www.adultwork.com/3431472 or https://www.adultwork.com/Exquisite+Emma+CDF

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Emma is also with Cardiff companions agency in Cardiff,


Offline HughJardon

I cant believe you drove to Werthyr to meet her. Leave her a negative report 360 as she wasted your time and petrol money, and a ghastly drive up the A460, bunch of nutters on that stretch.

Your second link looks more like it, based on her verification photo. I think she may be based up the north road vicinity..Rich can you clarify

Offline snaitram99

Apparently although she is Romanian, Katya's Primary language (see Interview Tab) is Spanish and secondary English!

BTW A470 for anybody confused by road number to Merthyr (or Werthyr)

Offline HughJardon

Thanks snaitram yes the A470.

Shes in Salisbury now, what a waste of time  :thumbsdown:

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