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Author Topic: chantell69 Castleford / Pontefract  (Read 916 times)

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Offline macready

If you like your ladies to a) be genuine English (in fact she's pure Yorkshire), b) offer a warm, smiling G/F type service, c) have fabulous big tits and a lush, gorgeous, lickable pussy, and d) offer great VFM, then I DEFINITELY reccommend chantell69 https://www.adultwork.com/574325 or https://www.adultwork.com/chantell69

FEE PAID: £60 H/H, no hurry, no pressure, probably a bit longer

COMMUNICATION: Perfect. Text, phone, email - Chantell was bang on, and I've had two 'early morning' meets with her too, by special arrangement (around 08:30, although this is not her norm).

LOOKS: Pretty wide-eyed and open face, early 30s maybe, a few tattoos, think Christina Ricci's filthy as fuck big sister. Huge suckable tits and nipples, NATURAL and I mean utterly fucking gorgeous big whammers. Changeable hair colour - it was reddish when I met her - and a vaguely alt / punky / rocky look about her. Chantell is voluptuous but in no way obese. I loved her body.

PRE-MEETING: I asked for a tight top, no bra, and big cleavage. I got exactly fucking that, and had a hard on from the moment she greeted me :-)

THE MAIN EVENT: A complete G/F filthy fuck experience. Lots of feeling up while we snogged beforehand, I kneaded those lovely big tits through her top and tweaked the nipples like I do ... while she grabbed my cock through my jeans. She unzipped me and began an awesome cock-sucking session, uncovered, right to the root ... fucking amazing. Onto the bed, and she spread her legs while I licked her out to my heart's content then finger-fucked her until I felt the wetness spread across my hand ... I rubbed her juices all over her cunt and carried on licking. She seemed to enjoy this ...

Then I knelt above her and face-fucked her, slapping my cock around her mouth and onto her tongue while she grabbed my balls. Gents this was super fucking horny.

On with the raincoat, she climbed on top and rode me while smothering my face with those fantastic big knockers... I licked and sucked her nips while she jiggled up and down. Her huge tits jiggled too.

I had my face in those tits for fucking ages and let me tell you, I was hard as iron. She is more or less my ideal fuck - curvy, natural, sexy, a true comrade while you are in the moment.

Eventually I asked her to lie down on the bed, with her head at the end of the bed, and I stood and wanked above her face until I popped all over her ... and I truly emptied my balls lads. I was as turned on as I can ever remember being.

This was a balls-out, full-on fucking session with one of the best, most naturally horny W/Gs I have ever met. Plus, she's intelligent, drama-free and really nice. I will definitely see her again.

1 review(s) found for chantell69 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline stevedave

Big girl, but looks good, thanks for the review.

Was owo on offer? Not in her likes list, but FAQ's seem to suggest it might be on the cards if you're clean? I'd have thought face fucking with a johnny on could be a bit dangerous?

Offline macready

Yes mate, it was OWO - I had showered and was clean as a whistle. Wasn't an issue, and she gives a great, full-on BJ ...   :D

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