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Author Topic: Miranda Euston  (Read 1197 times)

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Good evening lads,

I was passing through Euston when my balls started to itch and thought let's see what's on offer around these parts so was checking the net when I came across Miranda and thought yeh not bad I was thinking in my head were have I seen this gal and it hit me saw running. Across the corridor butt naked wen I went to independent Lena apartment in Whitechapel. So called up she answered and told me she was free and texted me the address which was a ibis hotel right next to Euston station she gave me the room walked straight in no prying eyes knocked on her hotel door and saw some other bird blonde hair run out saw Miranda and was pleased to see her in some nice lingerie noticed she had a fit body high heels thought Imma smash this one had a shower paperwork sorted got straight to her giving me. Owo it was nice and slow suction good tekkers was just kicking back thinking yeh this good shit switched to a few positions such as cow girl and missionary which was good usually hate this position but she was grabbing my body real deep into that pussy felt like I was about to bust the nut there and then. So I knew I had one last position left doggy which was fucking great she was arching her ass right In the air and I was pounding her like a drum. After I finished we spoke for bout 10-15 mins about life and how she studied but she doing this for the money seems like a nice girl proper professional. Nice punt not the greatest but defo money worth

17 review(s) found for _Miranda_ linked to in above post (12 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative)

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