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Author Topic: danielle house swingers club [doncaster]  (Read 1291 times)

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well it was a saturday and me and the wife was stuck on something to do!
we had heard that the swingers club was back up and running at danielle house so we thought we would give this a whirl..
we rang in the day to find out details and spoke to a lady who was very polite and gave all the info needed..
so here we were all ready for a good time..
we was greeted by a rather big man and we shown him the relevent paperwork so we were good to go.... or so we thought..
for maybe 2hrs we were the only couple there with only the rather large man and his equally large son..
my wife looked very uncomfortable being the only female there.
there was no conversation to be had the supervisors were more than happy to sit and eat and blow there vapour cigerettes until it could have passed as an old tap house...
safe to say my wife and i dident stay and will not return. was almost like being made to feel unwelcome in someones home even though we had paid to enter..
all in all a superb building very clean maybe just needs new supervisors who know what there doing.. la;chambre im sorry we strayed...

Interesting - this place is on the list for my wife and I to try as well.

I thought it was similar to the Private Club? They have paid for entertainers there as well no?

im assuming its a massage parlour through the day but there was only me the wife and the big fellas there that night

I think this place should just stick to being a whore house, trying to mix between that and a swinging club really isn't doing it any favours.

Ive seen reports from Swingers on a swinger site im on - its a FAB site by the way - and have seen a few couples say positive things of this place - although quiet.

If they copy the Private Club model - I would imagine they would do well?

Obviously not quite got it right yet.

Offline NIK

Used to punt here quite a bit back in the day. Wasn't a swingers club back then. Is it still in the same location?

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