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Author Topic: Seductivesophia and innocentdolly Aberdeen  (Read 509 times)

Offline Bmc88

Hey lads just looking for a bit of advice,looking to get a duo booking for these two in Aberdeen.Although I remember dolly having a bit of bad press a while ago-is this still a no go? Or has she turned the corner so to speak? Her feed back suggests she has


Offline Roger De Her

I've seen both of them individually.

 Sophia I think 5 times now, (and the last couple of times she was not accompanying Dolly - was on her own..plus I saw she toured recently with a different girl) so you'll guess I would heartily recommend the girl :thumbsup: - an absolute Cracker!

I thought Dolly did a great job too.

Most (perhaps all) of the bad press I've seen relates to Dolly's past,  NOT her performance!

 ... I'm a big enough boy to look after myself, and trust the Courts and Justice system to do their jobs so id say you could expect to have a Great Time. (just beware, I saw a posting from some vigilante JERK who thought he was clever by snitching to Dollys landlord resulting in her removal, so if he's up to these tricks, he could spoil your fun-and potentially at short notice!  ... Then again, he may now be dead, having been driven off the road by someone who heard he'd plead guilty to a driving offence!)

Best of luck,

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Offline Bmc88

Thanks Rog cleared things up :thumbsup:

Offline seeker

Seen Sophia. ...fantastic babe  :angelgirl:
But dolly just missed my max price point of £80hh
So although she may be good haven't seen her .

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