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Author Topic: @sexy sandra@ - Brat  (Read 974 times)

14 review(s) for @Sweet_Kasia@ (8 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline punther

https://www.adultwork.com/3008404 or https://www.adultwork.com/%40sexy+sandra%40

Seen this girl last year and it was a very good punt so thought I would see her again(this was about a month ago now) and had a completely different experience

Duration: 15 mins for £40

Location: Flat near whitechapel station


This was a shit punt and I think is more in line with what she actually is and the service I got the first time I saw her was just lucky

She initially made me wait 10 minutes then when I went up to the flat I knocked and she unlocked the door but didnt pull it open so after a few seconds I pushed it open to walk in then she shouted at me for pushing the door open  :wackogirl:  (I was thinking What the absolute Fuck was that all about) I asked her why she shouted at me and she said its because she did not want another one of the girls working in the flat to see me(another punter seeing me may be a slight issue but another prossie seeing me is no big deal)

So went into the room and it was tense she did not make eye contact which was akward and asked how long I want to stay. I told her 15 mins and she snappily said £40. I really should have left but thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt as I thought she was just stressed and Ive had a good time with her before.

I reminded her that I'd seen her before but she said she could not remember me  :cry:

Asked her why she was so moody and she said something about having arguments with a another girl who works in the flat called Miranda

Got into the action now and she brings out a condom for oral. I said why not without as last time she gave me OWO and she said she had a meeting with the other girls in the flat and they all agreed that they would all now only do OW for £40 bookings

The OWO was alright

Then we moved onto cowgirl and she rode me ok but awkwardly was looking me in the eye the whole time with a blank stare so I thought fuck this and move to doggy. Got behind her and the smell from behind was disgusting, dont know if it was her pussy or her ass but it stank and I lost my boner

Asked her to wank me back to life and asked if I could give her a facial and she said its an extra £10 I said ok thats fine I'll pay it but then in the space of 5 seconds she changed her mind and said I could not as she did not want to have to redo her make up  :dash:

got a time up knock on the door. I got fed up, got dressed and left

When I was leaving she had this smirk on her face as if she was pleased I had a shit time and didnt cum


14 review(s) found for @Sweet_Kasia@ linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline holland

Thanks for the review. Im sorry for that.
Rcently someone reviewed her as positive for a FFM. I seriuosly thought the revie w wasnt genuine or simply was one positive off among a consistent bad service provided.

Offline punther

Thanks for the review. Im sorry for that.
Rcently someone reviewed her as positive for a FFM. I seriuosly thought the review wasnt genuine or simply was one positive off among a consistent bad service provided.

I saw that review also. I'm in no position to question the reviews authenticity as it may genuine but what I did find strange is that she is doing duo's with Miranda the girl she told me she does not like at all     :unknown:

Offline punther

Just noticed a mistake in my review and I meant her OW was alright not OWO as I did not receive that

Offline holland

Certainly that review wasnt that right..as you experienced that girl is not providing a good service.

Offline Jellaby

Sorry you had a bad time. I can only speak how i found and as i said in my review i had a really good time with the two girls.  Everyone has off days. Maybe you were just unlucky!

 Does she still have braces??  She doesn't pass for a stereotypical WG. Looks more like someone in one of my  uni lecture way she was dressed. My experience as I was in the area found commuication fine and arrange a  meet up. But similar op her attitude was way off with me finding her awkward despite her  saying see how you are after 15 mins we can extend to an hour  (arranged 30 min) Err nooo I said I don't think I want to do this and I  walked. Defo not sexy to me both plain looks and flat attitude.
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