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Author Topic: Sexual_Sahara... anyone met her???  (Read 2335 times)

I send  email this girl like 4 times and no reply ( she read all of them)
anyone meet her or is just a scam???
she claim to be a WG for a while....

https://www.adultwork.com/3380424 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexual%5FSahara

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She's a party girl!
Offer her something white and sniffy.
She will soon get back to you :wacko:

Offline ramrodronnie

I know a lot of the WGs in London aren't the cheapest, but £200 an hour IMO is over the top. If she is on the white powder stuff? That might be the reason for her extortionate Rates.
Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline fredpunter

Her name conjures up thoughts of most of my married life

Her name conjures up thoughts of most of my married life
+ 1
Nice one ;) hadn't really even noticed the name!  :lol:
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It is Blair as was of Maxes. The pics on the AW profile are representative I think of her Maxes pics (as I recall them) rather than the actual pics. Her hair was dark when I saw her rather than the fake blonde in the Maxes pics.

i'm seeing her in May, so will do a review. She's got two reviews on her when she was at Maxes, one recently in December 2015 which wasn't so good and one in 2014 which sounded awesome. Hopefully I get the service of the 2014 review.

So far so good as I got a prompt and polite email accepting my booking.

Online webpunter

OP - stop the AW mails.  See if she shows her mobile.  Maybe she's being selective if ex-agency.  Once mobile gets dusty then more chance of the no appearing.  I'd wait for the review following TL's mention of a booking.  Great bod & rack.  At 200/hr other options

I saw her once before she even started at maxes in Croydon

She was high as a kite and could not stop talking. Paid 150 for the hour if I can remember correctly. Half decent service when she stopped talking. Wanted to stick her tongue in mu bum but am not really about the life.

Would not see her again though all the talking rubbish wound me up

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