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Author Topic: 20deny in Southampton  (Read 894 times)

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Offline LookNoHands

My first review here, but not the most positive experience.

First, let me introduce myself:
I have been exploring the local escorts for about a decade now - well over 100 of them, mainly in the Solent area. I've only occasionally referred to any site outside of AW as generally I think I can spot the real from the fakes (or at least the 'real but disappointing' from the 'lazy scams'). However, I am getting a little frustrated with the number of ambiguous profiles and I'd like to pick up feedback from real punters. What I have read on the forums tonight made me laugh as some accounts were horribly accurate depictions of my less successful meets with the girls reviewed - so I signed up to save myself some money on such bad experiences.

I've met all sorts, from local tarts to exotic upscale girls, with many many EE girls in the mix. Also tgirls from Thailand and Brazil. I took delight in exploring all shapes and sizes, from the near anorexic to heavily obese, from dark caramel skinned black girls to porcelain white russians. I've met some ugly girls and some so beautiful I couldn't believe they cannot just marry a billionaire of their choice. I also explored my limits from the vanilla to the downright weird (some of which I enjoyed). I hope to comment on some of the girls still active in the area to help guys find the ones that are worth the money.

So to my review:
I often make the small investment of checking out the private gallery of a girl if she has one. Especially if a sizeable number are not marked as Non-Nude (not always reliable and I always report galleries where NN photos are not correctly indicated). I look for several things - non-photoshopped pics, a clear view of her pussy (no warts) and ass (no piles) and of course for a face image if that is not shown in profile. Deny's gallery is very accurate. She is a curvy girl, with huge boobs. I am not normally a boob man but I decided to see her pretty much just for that experience. She was actually taller and therefore bigger than I expected, but more attractive in person than I felt she was in the pics.

I know Deny has worked at the same location I have met other very good escorts (who were honest, smart, fair price, enthusiastic, GFE). From that I expected her 'likes' would be accurate.

I arranged an appointment at the very end of the day - I asked for watersports and mutual oral in a 30 min session for £60.

She was not at the location I expected - now in a house on opposite side of the street to where I think she may have been located in the past (along with other girls I have seen). Was greeted in a tight black dress and taken to a clean and warm room. I was originally asking for an hour but she said it was so late she only wanted to do 30 mins (a first for me). I asked her if she had moved house - she clearly didn't understand - I mentioned the name of a lovely girl I used to see there and she was very rude about her...  I think these girls have a very catty streak!  Straight up she said - 'you want watersports now?' I normally prefer to work up to that - and I also prefer it on the bed while I give oral... just my little quirk. I brought towels and some plastic so there would be no spillage - but she said only in bath. So off to bathroom, to sit in cold bath while she dribbled a little wee out. Not the sex fountain I longed for. Then quick wash, back to room and she laid back for me to give her oral.

She has some plumpness hiding her pussy lips, but she has nice, small but beautifully formed, pussy lips and was smooth, clean and fresh. She seemed to enjoy that and then I moved up to kiss her belly and tits. Then she wanted to get to giving me oral - and tried to get a condom on a semi erect cock, which was not in the least bit erotic... fumbling about and obviously in a rush to get the day over. Once the condom was on - I was turned off...  she gave it a clumsy yank or two then did a lazy bj...  and I started losing the erection. I asked her to instead rub her tits in my face while I wanked which she did. They are very plump and heavy and I am starting to see the appeal - having alway previously preferred 'bite size' bosoms :-)

I was having some trouble getting to orgasm so asked her to get her pussy on my face, which she obliged...  that was better but aware that time was running out and she was keen to get to bed, so I asked to have her asshole on my mouth and I tongued her which made her giggle and I came.

Overall - not a good one. To be fair, neither of us were at our best that night! But I would consider going back to see what could be achieved in a longer session earlier in the day, as she might well have a bit more spark then.

AW links: https://www.adultwork.com/3046481 or https://www.adultwork.com/20deny

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