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Author Topic: Independent Lena - Whitechapel  (Read 1374 times)

30 review(s) for INDEPENDET_LENA (24 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

There probably isn't the need for a long review as Lena has been discussed here previously.

The meeting was arranged by text a couple of hours beforehand. I've no idea if it was with Lena herself or a maid, possibly the latter as my texted request for long boots wasn't met, so perhaps this was not passed on. However, this was the only negative for me of a very positive half hour, so I'm not grumbling. If not this, it could have been a language thing as Lena was wearing long black stockings which worked for me and were kept on throughout the event.

The location feels safe and is very discreet and easy to find. Once inside the flat it is well decorated and tidy, with candles, soft music etc. Some may not like the steps but it doesn't worry me.

Lena is the girl in the pictures although her hair is slightly shorter now. Her age seems about right and she is slim without being skinny. Lena has cute A cup breasts which are very suckable and a shapely ass that feels good in your hand. She is friendly and was dressed nicely in a sexy black lace number.

I was offered a shower on arrival, but had bathed before making the short journey from home so we went straight into the action. We stripped off and were straight into the action - owo offered and accepted. A reasonable technique that had me standing to attention quicker than I expected with ball sucking and plenty of mouth only action thrown in. Lena gave eye contact when encouraged and checked several times that I was enjoying myself which I certainly was. I laid back and felt very relaxed almost immediately.

I sometimes like to just receive oral, but something about Lena made me want to fuck her, so after fingering both her pussy and ass and a quick 69, we moved into missionary. Lena took me deep and we kissed with Lena making appreciative noises. I moved her legs over her head and Lena smiled and encouraged. We then switched to doggy for a few thrusts where I appreciated Lena's sexy ass before I pulled out and cum all over her back - spraying my load liberally. I wiped Lena down with wet wipes and we laughed about how wet I'd made her which I think she was a little shocked by.

Lena nipped to the shower to clean up and then offered me a shower which I accepted. A kiss goodbye and I left just over the half hour, thinking what good value I'd just received at £60.

I will certainly consider going back and will keep an eye on her duo partners as that could be fun! :P


30 review(s) found for INDEPENDET_LENA linked to in above post (24 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)

Cheers for the review! She has been on my "to do list" for a long time... Whitechapel way outa my way...

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