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saucysophie94 https://www.adultwork.com/3194173 or https://www.adultwork.com/saucysophie94

Location --- 5/10
A semi-detached serviced holiday house with 4 bedrooms in CB1. I reckon 3-4 girls were working from there. Her bedroom is the one that is shown in the pictures. Ensuite and ok-sized. Scores negatively for the lack of many fresh towels and the presence of a waste-bag filled with used condoms in the corner of the bedroom. Still fairly clean and new clean linen was placed on the bed. Too bad though that the bed-making time was subtracted from my booking time!

Comms --- 7/10
+ Communication was both through phone calls and texts. Pretty smooth.
+ It was her on the phone.
+ Booking started with no delay.
x Hides extras.

Physical --- Looks: 7.5/10, Body: 8.5/10
+ Age is stated to be  21-22 years old and also the nickname ending in 94 implies her being born in 1994. It doesn't seem far off from the truth but if I were to guess I would put her around 25. Not a problem though. 
+ Pictures are headless but nonetheless they are genuine, accurate and recent. Actually I am pretty sure that her current profile pics were taken in the bedroom I met her on the day I met her!!! She was wearing that black bottom you see in the pics and the bedroom was definitely that one in the pics.
+ Facially she is cute. Not beautiful but attractive nonetheless. A solid 7.5 without (or very little) make-up. Probably if she ever bothers to put on makeup in her bookings she can get to 8/10.
+ Size 8-10 body. Great arse and awesome 34D tits. I think her tits are natural despite having that ‘too good to be natural’ shape. Such a perfect shape is usually only obtainable through a boobjob. I couldn't tell by touching them. Anyway regardless of whether they are natural or fake, her boobs are a sight to behold and definitely her best body asset. Height about 5 feet 5 inches I reckon.
+ No tattoos. Not any noticeable at last.

Experience --- 5/10
Events' time placement --- This booking started at (say) 7pm. The door was opened by another girl who led me to Sophie’s bedroom after walking up the stairs (quite a few). When I entered I found her bend over changing linen and making the bed. I paid £60 for 30mins, confirmed services and SHE went to take a shower and brush her teeth. Anyhow sexual action started at 7:06pm. At around 7:15pm she started rushing me to cum, telling me I had no time left. I protested and we continued for a couple of more minutes during which she kept rushing me. I finally came at around 7:18pm and that was it.

She made it clear that there is no further playtime like a massage or relaxing downtime in the remaining time but that instead it was time to clean up and leave. I went to have a shower only for her to come and almost drag me out of the shower 2 minutes later, acting as if I had exceeded my time. I dressed up, walked down the stairs and left. In and out of the house in 24-25 minutes of which only 13 were sexual and rushing and clockwatching started after only about 9-10 minutes of action.

+ She is polite and up until she starts clockwatching pleasant.
+ She was clean. More precisely she made herself clean during my booking and wasting 5 minutes.
+ Sex was quite good for as long as it lasted. We went through 4-5 positions. Faux enthusiasm but added to the experience nonetheless. Mutual spanking and some dirty talk too.
OK English. She says she has been working in the UK for 2 years.
French kissing was offered but scarcely. Also tongue interaction was very little and brief.
No fingering.
x Clockwatching, rushing, time short-changing and timewasting tactics. I paid for 30mins but I only got 13 sexual minutes. She first wasted 5 minutes at the start making the bed and having a shower herself, things which she should have done before the booking or at least not count them in my paid time. Then when the action started after 9 minutes she started rushing me to cum and telling me I have no time left. Ultimately sexual action was over after another 3-4 minutes. I went to have a shower and I was rushed out as if I went overtime. However, from the moment I entered the house until the moment I stepped out to the road only 24-25 minutes were elapsed.
x Shit blowjob. She avoids sucking as much as possible. Blowjob was covered by the way. Being covered doesn't bother me but her technique was both shit and scummy. She basically mostly wanks you with her mouth hovering above but not even touching the head of your penis.
x Used her phone briefly once during reverse oral.
x Cum once per half hour.
x Hidden extras. OWO is £30 extra. Also pretty much any service apart from the most basic ones are charged £30 extra. Profile makes no reference to extras, neither did her when confirming services. I also doubt that some of the listed services like filming are available even as extras.

Final Words
Not a punt I can recommend. Still not a horrible choice for £60 for ‘30’ minutes” if you are only after a basic quick shag with an attractive girl. Note the quotation marks on the '30 minutes' though as you will get much much less time than that.

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Offline Hertsgent

Love the way her profile line suggests a "quick fuck" ....that's what you got in spades  :thumbsdown:

Offline oohermrs

Mate - if that's a neutral, I'm a fucking chinaman/Dutchman's uncle/something more politically correct these days... :thumbsdown:

Offline Big Bad R

Mate - if that's a neutral, I'm a fucking chinaman/Dutchman's uncle/something more politically correct these days... :thumbsdown:

+1 but your call

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