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Author Topic: X__Scarlett__X - Oxford (touring)  (Read 607 times)

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This is a retrospective review from mid February.  Lady in question is at the link below and part of the Louise1990 posse.


Venue: hotel chain, north Oxford near A34 and A44 junction

Comms: very good.  Booked well in advance as Scarlett was touring the area.  AW e-mails responded to same day and she told me which hotel upon booking confirmation.  She called that morning to reconfirm booking, and called again about 5 minutes before session with room number.  She doesn’t have a “work” phone so she calls from her mobile with the number blocked. 

The woman: definitely her from the pictures and she has a very nice figure.  Breasts are smallish but very nice and firm.  Her bum looks just as good in person as it shows in her pictures.

The Meet: sorted out paperwork and offered a shower.  She had stocked her hotel bathroom with men’s supplies including several unopened toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, aftershave, etc.  There were also plenty of clean towels that clearly weren’t hotel towels because of their colour.  She told me that she packs towels in her suitcase so that punters can have a clean towel.  Nice touch Scarlett.

Came out of the shower and she was on the bed wearing stockings and a partial see through body suit looking incredibly hot.

Started off with lots of DFK and she is an excellent kisser.  I gave her oral first and it didn’t take long to make her cum.  Very nice mostly trimmed pussy that was clean.  She got really wet so we swapped places and she provided OWO.  Very good skills, alternating speed and technique.  She tried her best to deepthroat me but had a problem with my girth.  She must have tried about 6 or 7 times over a 10 minute period but it just wouldn't fit.  Huge credit to her for continuing to try as a lot of WG's would say "too big" or try once and stop.

Had covered sex in various positions and she took quite a pounding.  She likes to have her hair pulled so that happened during doggy style and that sent me over the edge.

We chatted afterwards and Scarlett is a really nice lady.  She has some other jobs and understands the concept of providing a superb service will bring clients back and generate new ones.  She was really easy going and more than happy to please.  Scarlett provided the right level of feedback and enthusiasm during both oral sex and covered sex, meaning it wasn’t cheap dirty talk or faked enthusiasm, but more like sophisticated GFE.  It was great.

Would I go back?  Yes

14 review(s) found for X__Scarlett__X linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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