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Author Topic: PETITE_ANGEL XX - Harrow  (Read 1831 times)

17 review(s) for SWEET_PETITE SARAH (13 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

First off: I haven't posted a review for a year and a half (and even then I only posted 3), i'm really bored today so decided to go back and do reviews of all the most recent punts I can remember more than a few details about

Adultwork Link: https://www.adultwork.com/1974272
Date: Multiple (think i've seen her around 5 times now)
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: £100
Venue: Harrow, about 5-10 minute walk from Harrow On The Hill train station. A nice house in a residential area. Bathroom nice, the main event takes place on a bed in the living room.

The Girl: A lovely girl, i'm not gonna lie she's not the prettiest of girls on AW, but she's still relatively cute. She's tiny (about 5ft), small tits. I've seen her a fair few times (more than any other escort) and i've built up a bit of a rapport with her now. She always asks about dates i've been on or going on as she thinks i'm lovely and should find someone to settle down with   :hi:

The meet:

Since i've seen her multiple times, i'll just say what usually happens. This girl is the most enthusiastic girl on AW, she just won't leave your cock alone, which is utterly fantastic. I'm always pretty generous with escorts (love giving oral) and she's very receptive and is very easy to make cum (her legs start shaking when I kiss my way down her body and kiss the inside of her legs). She rides like she's at Ascot and is generally just a great VFM punt.


Great VFM
No messing about with massages etc, she just jumps straight to it.


Not the prettiest of girls

17 review(s) found for SWEET_PETITE SARAH linked to in above post (13 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Thanks for the review.
Yes she is an enthusiastic little thing. Saw her years ago. Shame that Harrow is a bit off my turf these days. :hi:

I've seen her in late November the past year as I was nearby for business meetings, definitely not the best looking girl available but had great fun with her. If you aren't all about looks and more toward the performance she's a great choice!

Offline The Beano

Get her to fuck you reverse CG with her hair down. There's not many better and you won't be put off by her looks.

Offline johnnyboy61

She did confess to me that all this shuddering and super responsiveness is just an act, as I put in my review of her. She does genuinely climax, but it takes a lot longer than she would have her clients believe.
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Yea could not agree more...her attitude surely makes up for what she lack in beauty. :D

Offline Tonyleung

I like this WG, but it is a shame about her working hours.

Offline ramrodronnie

I like this WG, but it is a shame about her working hours.

I know, and I agree Tonyleung. evening times are always better for me. She obviously has her reasons mate. Like you say, shame as I wouldn't mind giving her a porking either.
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