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Author Topic: New Profile, Edinburgh  (Read 1164 times)

Offline pete-piper

Melissa on AW
https://www.adultwork.com/3443570 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxmelissaxxx

Demi On Vivastreet

Looks like the same girl and phone numbers match up.

Anyone know who she is? Is this the 'Demi' that's been around for a while? Apparently worked the Edinburgh saunas?

Any info appreciated

Offline Roger De Her

Hey PP - I looked at the AW link, then jus called an spoke to her. She sounded quite chirpy and lucid. BUT, then I quizzed her about her duo partner who she says is Alisha.

See: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=89156.0.  - Am sure tho is the girl I saw briefly last wk.  now I may have mis-judged last Fri eve, but Id say she wisnae jus High on a bit o weed ..... That never glazed eyes like i saw on her!

Then I checked the VS link you gave,  and  I know this girls face. Never seen, but deffo sure I've read negative reports about her service (& b/f pimp??) ..... Usually workin out Gorgie???

Think ill let someone else TOFTT them !

Banning reason: Complaining about thread warning punters about criminal prossie

Offline pete-piper

Thanks for all that, Roger

I was very tempted. Exchanged a few texts. I now think I'll give it a wide berth.

Cheers again.  :drinks:

Offline pete-piper

I had text her earlier about a possible meet later today. In light of the information received, I thought I would do the right thing and text to say I wouldn't be along.

Guess what? Abuse!

Definitely avoid.

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