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Author Topic: sexy aisha4u  (Read 1573 times)

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Offline johnny56

Right my fellow punters, so i took one for the team booked this prossie, it was a very bitter experience.

First of all she lied about her price, once in the room she charged me £50 depite the profile stating £40 for half hour. As she was quite hot, i wasn't going to argue for the sake of a tenner.

However it all weng downhill from there. SHe started to give me OW which only lasted for 40 seconds to a minute, and she wanted me to fuck and i wasnt even hard yet.

I then tried to give her oral in thr hope it will give me time to get s hard on, but agsin after 30 seconds she got up and said lets fuck. She didnt even try to get me erect, and I managed to get myself a semi erection.

She was very rude throughtout telling me to hurry up fespite thr fact i had only been there for 5 minutes, and was textingbon her phone throughout.

She rhen agressively wanked me and i cum, and she walked out the room. I got changed and left.

All in all i was in thr building fir 8 minutes.

Stay away guys!!!


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Offline Dodo

That is fuckin horrendous......8 fuckin minutes  :angry:

To be fair she looks good in the pics so I suppose for £70ph something has to give. Did she look like the pics??

Thanks for takin one and letting us know about it...........she has good AW feedback so I can see the temptation. It's a shame, with a good report from you at £70ph she could have filled her boots.
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Offline johnny56

Hi Dodo

Tell me about it, I was as gobsmacked as you are. Yes the pictures are accurate, and she is one hotty in person, probably one of the hottest looking I've seen but pointless fir such a shite service.

I suppose the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it is" applies 100% in this case.

Funny thing is she appeared to have gone from West Midlands a few weeks ago, but I suppose her vile attitude has forced her to come back

Offline azrael

Sorry to hear you had a crap punt, after paying for 30 mins you left after 8 mins, so your totaly right in posting a negative. A word to the wise though, she's a romanian so expect to get ripped off at some point during the punt

Offline johnny56

Hi guys

Looks like this scumbag has passed her profile to one of her plate mates.

She's started a new profile for herself and now goes by the name of sexy ailynee4u. New link is below.


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I was reading all this thinking "Am I missing something here cos this girl isn't worthy of this praise from her pics!" .. only to read the last post that she's passed on her profile to someone else haha!!  Complete piss take that tho, hats off to you for reviewing it the OP to save others!  :hi:

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