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Author Topic: Party maya - Romanian in Leeds - waste of time and money  (Read 774 times)

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You'd think I'd know better - after all these years of visiting escorts you can see the warning signs and I saw them and chose to ignore them.
I wanted a Romanian whore in leeds who did owo and looked hot and found this girl. Very sexy pics and zero feedback so first warning ignored. Turned up to a bit of a dump in Leeds and she opened the door. Same girl as in pics but certainly put on weight and not bothered with any make -up. She offered everything on her profile but was soon to discover she did none. I was only really looking for owo cim and facials - paperwork over and then her mate came in the room who was better looking so she offered a two girl for more money - second rookie error.
I asked for owo from both and they said no - I then said that she had offered it and I wanted my money back and I was leaving - they then go on to provide that service and then I should have left but you never know what meat head lies the other side of the door. Having two girls suck on your cock is always a turn on but they were going through the motions and not interested in any of my wishes. I wanted one to suck my balls while the other suck the end but they weren't having any of it - no kissing and when I asked if I could cum in their mouths on on their faces I got a similar no. So in the end I made the most out of the prettier one and made her do all the work while the other one played with my balls - with a nice load on my stomach when it should have been elsewhere.
So the lesson here is to try and let your brain control the cock and go with girls with good reviews and now I will make more use of this site before I visit.

Any suggestions please guys for Eastern European hotties - Polish, Romanian, Czech girls in West Yorkshire


1 review(s) found for party maya linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Bareback offered on profile too  :(

Yeh - that's usually another sign - never do it so didn't ask but sure of the answer if I did

Offline Tallboy2

Why did you want a Romanian? I thought they have a reputation for bad service and charging extra for everything?

Offline overdone

I had her on my hotlist because you did breast feeding but sounds like she'll not

Offline Tallboy2

I had her on my hotlist because you did breast feeding but sounds like she'll not
Ah I see.
Do you breast feed off WGs ? Do you drink it? Does it taste nice or is it just a sexual thrill?
I'm not taking the piss, just interested. Might try it if it's good for you!

Went for a Romanian because they are new into the country and sometimes you get a good one - something about East European girls lights my candle - need to use my brain and instinct more the next time - got any suggestions?

She was in holbech area of leeds

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