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Author Topic: xxxFlirty Funxxx Faringdon SCAM  (Read 224 times)

I found myself doing a reverse bid on AW and got a few bids, one was from xxxFlirty Funxxx so i checked her profile out, what i found was no pics hidden feedback and no age and a £150 hour fee, but she was local and out of morbid curiosity i sent her a email, i got a reply so i asked her why the hidden feedback and no pics and she said she had been nearly outed by one of her neighbours and had moved to Faringdon and took her pictures down

So i thought about it for a while and i text her to MAYBE arrange a meet, so we had a good conversation via text and i said i would arrange a meet but i must have a partial body pic or face pic first, so eventually after a lot of question she said she would email me a pic, this was her first mistake as i used an email with a different name on it but she used her own personal email, she sent me a pic which was ok i could see her body and face and she seemed ok so i said maybe at the weekend which was a few days away

Now that i had a pic and and email i did a search on a social network site as i still thought something fishy was going on and i found her profile page, it had a few pics and the one she sent me was more than five years old, the only recent evidence i found was the biggest wet t shirt comp ever you know the one the ice bucket challege,

Well she is 59 and has put on many pounds and nothing like the pic she sent me more like Waynetta Slob, so if you fancy an ugly fat granny with a lot of tattoos, she is your girl, feedback hidden due to this me thinks

I had the same thing from Cherry Kisses in Witney, i got there and she was huge nothing like her pics

I hope i have saved you some money guys

Well done, but you need to post her AW link so that she will come up on any searches. :thumbsup:

Thanks Lewis, sorry guys was a lil rushed

Offline Ben4454

I always mentally add pounds and age to a girls picture and ask myself would i still fuck her? Always take profile pics with a pinch of salt and try to find her least flattering pictures and view them then see how different they are from her profile ones. You can kind of build up a image of her true likely self.
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