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Author Topic: DeeDee Massage - Peterborough  (Read 3955 times)

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Offline davidac

https://www.adultwork.com/1887647 or https://www.adultwork.com/Deedee+Massage

I have a weakness for a massage and wanted to try body-to-body for the first time so gave DeeDee a go for £60 for 30 mins.

We texted a couple of days before to confirm time and road.  I arrived 10 mins after agreed time due to her saying she may be 5 mins late and another 5 mins trying to find the house due to her poor directions (she's about 10 mins walking from station and town centre).

Paid the monies and straight to table where she wasted no time using her body and it was clear it was a "hands on" experience as I had hoped.  Once on my back I paid lots of attention to her tits and RO (but not allowed inside).  She was so enthusiastic I thought at one stage it was going to be a "full service" as she rubbed herself over the old man but alas it wasn't.  She finished me off over her tits and I went on my merry way.

I thought it went quick and once outside I realised it was done in 20 mins after the delayed arrival, which made me consider rating this as a neutral, but as the actual massage experience was the best I've had (5 others from 4 different women) I've given her the benefit of the doubt.

If she is the one in the pictures she's aged a few years.  A pleasant enough lady despite the obvious stilted conversation with a Thai and a nice house easily located.  Was offered the toilet but no drink or shower.  I will return for hopefully a full 30 minutes next time.

3 review(s) found for Deedee Massage linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Hi David
I had a Thai massage experience a few years ago in Hitchin which was a similar experience.

Would you say she had a good body, was she busty, trimmed etc


Offline davidac

She was quite petite and nimble which made her good at the body to body. Not very toned, a bit of belly but not really fat. Small (but not tiny) boobs. Very enthusiastic, encouraging and vocal. I aim to try this one next - https://www.adultwork.com/Sunshine+Masseuse - not a Thai but more toned by the looks of it.

Cool, I have always gone with the thai women because they seem quite enthusiastic with what they do and that appeals to me. Good luck with your next message

I have been tempted to visit but the photos in her private gallery seem to be of a different girl to the one on her front page. I know most Thai places rotate the girls and wondered if Deedee was doing the same thing. Would be nice for just once to get the girl in the photo.

Offline davidac

It's not the same girl as far as I can remember, a bit older in her mid 30s I'd say, but usual small Thai type and very nimble which made her good at body to body. Fror 60 notes I thought it was worth a go. I did ask her if she was DeeDee and she said I could call her that if I liked! So yes quite possibly a turnover place.

Offline spoddy

For davidac and sidewinder: This lady is Lily ( she is DeeDee on AW). If you book through AW you might get a better (!) level of massage than if you book through any other site especially if you have a decent length of time.( I go for 90 mins B2B) On AW the lady in Red top is Lily (DeeDee) who is always at the address, the girl in black is probably Lalita who is there Monday & Tues (  I'm not sure if they are there at the same time). On all my visits I have always been offered use of en-suite shower, a drink and gone well over time. Also, absolutely no probs with intimate playing and even digital insertion in both areas. So obviously things change and might improve with further visits. She will however answer the phone whilst attending to you ( but she can multi-task ), and will get showered and dressed ready for the next client if you have already performed, but then return and do head/shoulder massage. I think she is in full control, so although she spreads herself over the meat and two veg. there is no danger of insertion
P.S: DeeDee was previously ' Warming Thai Massage, Rayleigh
davidac... if you like attractive, ebony statuesque ladies you will be well pleased with Sunshine. Totally nude, touching but no insertions
Hope that helps
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Offline davidac

So obviously  She will however answer the phone whilst attending to you ( but she can multi-task ), and will get showered and dressed ready for the next client if you have already performed, but then return and do head/shoulder massage.

Hmm.. not a great sales pitch! BTW, what is "digital insertion"?  :unknown:

Yes I plan to see Sunshine very soon.

Offline spoddy

BTW, what is "digital insertion"? 


Offline davidac

That wasn't the case for me, she explicitly told me "not inside" as I attempted it. Still very much a "hands on" massage though and I will go back.

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