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Author Topic: Wales Online Article  (Read 1091 times)

Offline Taggart

Usual poorly written sensationalist clap-trap.

To quote Andrew Williams, of the UK Safer Internet Centre: “We know from research and anecdotal evidence that girls and boys of 13 and 14 are viewing porn,” he said. (well blame the parents....)

“It is not too much of a leap to imagine that young boys particularly would be interested in going further and paying for their first sexual encounter.”

Does he really think WGs are that thick to risk being charged with abuse of a minor? Many wont see guys under 25/30 as it is.
The site seems to be a kind of specialist search engine that scrapes info from other sites and its up to the punters to sort the wheat from the chaff - which is normal practice.

Finally, I've tried their search. The categories are shite. They've got 'teens' but if I want a 20-something, gotta trawl through. Even AWs search is more refined.  Cant see where it will make money...

Offline ShyWolf

I wonder how much they paid walesonline for that advert,
if not It is a good move on thier part to put the name out as any publicity is good publicity. :dash:

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