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Author Topic: Sarah of Gracie's Girls, Darlington  (Read 799 times)

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Offline Sammee69

Just been to see Sarah of Gracie's Girls for a 30 minute meet at the Darlington location and feel the urge to share.

Location- street house in Darlo on a main road, entrance via the back alley so fairly discrete.

Sarah answered the door in a very sexy dress that had plenty of her more than ample cleavage on display. Very friendly, very natural, lovely woman. Facially I'd say she was a pretty decent looking milf, curvy figure with just enough extra poundage. Put it this way, if she'd been on my arm for a night out, I'd have been proud as punch, and she'd have turned a few heads for all the right reasons.

Quick chat and gave me the one-stop tour of the house, i.e. straight to bedroom! (Was offered use of bathroom if required). I'd describe the house as very basic but clean - looks like one of those that get snapped up on Homes Under The Hammer as a doer-upper that needs a decent refurb. Bedroom had two singles, and two more pushed together to make a double. Not quite the Ritz, but then I wasn't staying the night (more's the pity!)

ANyway, that's the negative stuff out of the way. What we're really interested in is Sarah herself. I really warmed to her, she's a cracking lass, soft Geordie accent, all smiles, lovely eyes, very friendly - a proper GFE. Great snogger, she seemed to really get into it. Her dress ended up on the bedroom floor somehow, very sexy underwear including a red lacy bra. Spent 3 or 4 minutes snogging and stroking each other, gradually stripping off the layers, after she'd felt my cock getting stiffer under my jeans. Eventually, had to insist on removing the bra.


What a great pair of hangers. Lovely, natural, boobs, looking very good indeed for a 40-something year old girl. Simply had to squeeze them and suck her exceedingly responsive nipples, which she really seemed to get off on. I can spot a faker a mile off, so she's either a really good actress, or I was hitting the spot! The wee chap was fully awake by now, so I laid back and she gave me a great blow-job. This morphed into a quick tit-wanking session before we laid next to each other on the bed.

She talked about how having her boobs sucked seemed to go right to her clitoris, which seemed a perfect cue to get to grips with the undercarriage. Off came the knickers for a little gentle finger-fucking - she's recently been vajazzled but I won't spoil the surprise too much! I feasted on her amazing looking, and fresh smelling pussy. Could have spent half the day rolling her clit around in my mouth like a chewy ball of gum, again she really seemed to be enjoying the experience. I certainly fucking was.

Time for the hat which she expertly rolled onto the wee man, cowgirl first, gently bumping her hips up and down until my condom-covered cock reached it's full, magnificent 5.5 - 6 inch glory. Swapped into mish for some hard pounding which was slightly awkward due to the gap in the bed, but we managed somehow! A few minutes later I was knackered so she jumped on top again, what a sight as she bounced up and down moaning away as I squeezed her amazing tits. Asked about finishing protocol, anywhwre fine but she's not into anal. Good, never did float my boat. Another BJ, before suckling on her more than ample boobs one last time (we had a nipple each), before I finished myself off into her cleavage. I think I pretty much filled it, having been saving up for days.


I have to say, after years and lord only knows how many pounds spent trying to find the perfect escort, Sarah is probably the only girl I've been with who I'd more than happily have as a regular. Can't fault her at all, she can move in tomorrow if she likes - not just for the amazing sex, but she's such a pleasant girl too.

Time to start getting some more overtime in I think! Next time will be at a different location.

Sarah - 10/10
House - 6/10 (though quite discrete)

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