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Author Topic: Alanah Glasgow  (Read 710 times)

6 review(s) for #alanah# (4 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Jock D

https://www.adultwork.com/2292681 or https://www.adultwork.com/%23alanah%23

£60 30 mins Incall

As usual, I was looking for a short notice punt, and my top 3 contenders were not available, so I ended up getting a booking with Alanah. She tours here quite regularly, and I had noticed her profile and particularly her big arse previously, but never ventured any further. Comms were very good, spoke to her on the phone twice, once to make an enquiry, and then again to make the booking. Both times she came accross well, answering any qustions I had quite freely, her English is decent enough not to be a problem. Told me and then text me her address, which is in the heart of Shawlands, and therefore very esasy to find, even for out of towners. Safe and busy area, so no problems there, parking can be a little bit tricky depending on the time of day(pay and display during working hours).

Arrived and got the flat number, and headed up. Immediate impression was...she's a big girl...in every way. She was dressed in basque, stockings and a pair of killer heels that took her to about the 6foot mark. Now, her profile states she is a size 12 (aye maybe when she was12), but she is easily a 16, her tits are massive but so is everything else, it's definitely her in the photos, but she's beefed up a bit including that arse, would definitely qualify as a BBW. Facially, I thought she was impressive, slim and young looking pretty face, and she has a really sexy voice. For gents of a certain vintage she reminded me very much of Tanita Tikaram.

Paperwork out of the way, and she started kissing me while we were both standing up, getting more passionate as she went, leading to full on DFK, whilst wanking my cock. I then asked her to suck me, so we moved to the bed. OWO which was distincly average at best, she also tried to reach for the condom after about 3mins, but I told her to carry on sucking, which she did for another few minutes before again reaching for the condom. This time I just went with it, and banged her doggy style with great gusto, slapping her big arse a couple of times for good measure, whilst watching in the mirrored wardrobe. I had planned to finish either with cim or facial but got carried away in full doggy mode and filled the bag.

All in all, I felt the sexual sevices were not really provided with any real(or pretend) enthusiasm, and she is not really my type i.e. too big, therfore I will give her a neutral rating. However, she will appeal to many I'm sure as she is a friendly girl and there are plenty of BBW lovers out there.

6 review(s) found for #alanah# linked to in above post (4 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline guns

Great review . Almost a carbon copy of my visit this week . i had seen her a couple of times before , but over a year ago when her pics were accurate and she looked great , but as you say she is probably about a size 16 now but still very pretty and i like her big tits and arse but she now has a belly to go with it .
Still a very friendly and polite girl and very clean and a great kisser so probably a neutral punt for me too .

Offline Jock D

Cheers Guns, your post on the regional thread saying she was back in Glasgow, and that you had seen her last year and had a good service was a big influence on me booking her. And whilst I gave her a neutral,(like you now have), I certainly don't regret the punt and actually quite enjoyed banging her doggy.... but at the end of the day I won't book her again.

Offline guns

Yeah,  she was good about a year ago.  Bit too heavy for most now I suspect but still a decent shag. Don't think I'll return either.  Shame.

Offline Burnside

Yes i have seen Alanah as well over a year, and the other was fairly recently.  :dancegirl:
She was something different to what else was to offer at the time, and for the service she offered i was more than pleased especially at 60 notes for half an hour.  :thumbsup:
Both times i had seen here she did impress me with my cock being played with in my trousers, and ridding her doggy with the great ass of her's the first time was worth a repeat visit.
The 2nd visit wasn't as good to start of with she did have me waiting outside for a bit, and Shawlands is a busy area that you don't wanna be standing around in for to long, although my first visit was in the evening and less busy.
But when she opened the door with no one to see as you enter i thought to myself is this the same person, as i reckon she must have grown at least 2 sizes in her dress size, and her gut is bigger as well (she could well be pregnant}. :scare:
As she was polite i stayed and got the paperwork out the way then down to business, she still delivered a great no rushed service, and if i had of started this review i would have scored her a neural as well. :thumbsdown:
As stated i want different experiences in my punts, and due to that extra increase in dress sizes i woouldn't visit again, as I'm not a fan of b.b.w   :thumbsdown:
I noticed her profile is in Falkirk today, and hasn't logged in for a few days so could well be a private gallery scam. :timeout:
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