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Author Topic: Miss Alison Snow of Divas of Birmingham  (Read 1335 times)

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After a couple of disappointing FBSM sessions recently and wanting to try something different than my usual thai punts I was after something / someone different.

I decided on seeing Miss Alison Snow of Divas of Birmingham with the hope she might provide an alternative to the current crop of thai girls i see.

My plan was initial 30min booking for £70, if I liked her and if services were provided I would ask if I could stay for the hour for an extra £30.

I knew this would be a risk, there are no reviews of her on here and she only as 1 a/w feedback and by looking at her pics they are heavily photoshopped.

Contacted the number on her profile meeting easily booked, address details were sent by text, location is top of Broad St easy to find but car parking was a nightmare.

I knew I should of walked when it took 10mins to get into her appt, i'm entering the flat number but the door is not being released, then a voice on the intercom was telling me to go away , after a number of phone calls the door was eventually opened.

Once in the room i knew i had fucked up, Alison didnt look at nice as her pics, i wasnt even turned on by the look of her in the flesh, i should have ran out.

Tried to explain the door issue but her understanding of English is awful, was asked if I wanted owo i would need to shower, not asked but ordered by the tone of her voice.

Her tone with me at first was quite harsh as she ordered me around, you shower there, bring towel here , you make sure you are dry.

As I am drying myself off in the bathroom I start to chit chat , try to establish boundaries, what we can do what we cant, Alison didnt understand can we kiss? can i lick your pussy? can i finger you, lick your bum etc and I didnt get a proper answer to anything she kept replying in german, one thing i understood she doesnt like her nipple twisted , most have been told me that at least 5 times.

We start some very light kissing on the bed for about 10secs, she is not responsive and looks disinterested, i start to suck on her right boob but then get told her left boob is sore so cant touch.

I move my hand down and she moves my hand back up, i ask if I can lick her pussy and i havent got a clue what she said.

At this point i wanna go, i ask her for owo, her technique was awful, probably not helped as I was not hard, but she wasn't doing anything to make me hard.

Alison soon stops owo and wants to suck me with a condom on as i'm hairy! ive never been so insulted! I keep myself trimmed not shaved but she didnt like one strand of hair on my cock which I told her to pull off.

On with the rubber she isnt sucking my cock just doing this weird action with her head, i couldn't feel anything. At this point she is getting pissed off as I haven't cummed yet, we change positions so I stand up and get her to kneel on the bed and she is muttering something under her breath.

Struggling to cum i ask if she has a dildo so at least I can watch her play with herself which she replied no, although it states on her aw profile

To make myself cum I start to wank my cock as i look her blonde hair and i start to fantasise that she is some young blonde.

Once I have exploded into the rubber and I have cleaned myself up some how her English improves, she says I should only book for a 15min appt if all i want is a BJ, she tells me that there other diva girls who work in the same block who might be better for me, someone called Hannah and she provides a good massage? She asks me if I know German as she lives 20km from Austria and previously she was a nurse & cleaner. I just couldnt be arsed speaking to her and walked out.

So in a 30min £70 appt, i got a shower, closed lip kissing for about 10secs, sucked one boob, worse bj ever and I wanked myself off. Didnt even get near to her pussy.

I am probably 15yrs younger than her and Alison might not have been keen with, maybe if a punter was of similar age or older than her she might be different.

The best part of the evening was getting home, eating a ready meal and going to bed.

After 3 disappointing punts could do with some advice to get me out of this bad spell!

1 review(s) found for Miss Alison Snow linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

""I knew this would be a risk, there are no reviews of her on here and she only as 1 a/w feedback and by looking at her pics they are heavily photoshopped.""

There are so many good reviewed girls !!! :unknown:

Is it a bad spell or a bad choice ?

Anyway, sorry to read that you had such a crap punt. At least others will know what shit services she provides...
« Last Edit: March 12, 2016, 12:44:00 PM by captainfracass »

I did have a good think about this and thought even the best reviewed girls started with no feedback at one point, I suppose I was after the thrill of finding a hidden gem!

I'm so distraught I've added her to my blacklist so won't have to her again!!

Offline Brumbrum

I saw her last week and put me off seeing an escort for a while, sorry if I hadn't put up a review as I have been busy. I initially booked a different diva but she was busy and had an itch, Alison was the only one available so decided to go ahead with her and I echo everything the op says. I couldn't even kiss her which was my choice as I knew from the start of the punt with the way she demanded things that it wasn't going to be a good punt.

Offline Ming

Thanks for the review, you are at least saving others from a similar fate, and unlike some military commenter's at least you are helping the community by reviewing girls, I for one appreciate and thank you for that  :drinks:

Ming  :hi:

Thanks for your replies! I guess in this game you win some & lose some!

Almost like supporting your football team, you might get beat 0-5 at home but you'll be back sooner or later!

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