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Author Topic: How often do you punt?  (Read 1935 times)

Offline rg41

When I started punting some 13 years ago I punted once per month, mainly with regulars but lately it is mainly on my birthday due to the change in my circumstances.


Offline SaneOnes

I usually see my regular no.2 every fortnight when I know that I'll get enough sex in between with my fuckbuddy. Basically, I keep it going when I'm in that groove. But when I can foresee that I may not be getting as much sex as I'd like in a period of time, I take it easy and see my regular no.1 once a month. I maintain this until I'm "dating" again.

Offline SJ772

I average around once per month but it's sporadic so sometimes 2 or 3 in a week then a big gap, funds and lack of girls within a decent distance are the limiting factors.

Offline jimbm55

About once a month (budget constraints) but I make it a long booking with a brilliant regular :dance:
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Offline unclepokey

I'm also a once a month bloke. (Has this something to do with lunar cycles??)
Truth is, less mystically, that only once a month on average can I escape the gaze of Auntie and on average I can only cover my financial tracks for a £200 punt (2 hours of course) once a month. There's 'bunching' when Auntie is away but that's in itself not always a good idea given my age and ability to be a decent fuck partner, cause I do still aspire to giving a bit of satisfaction.
Uncle Pokey
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Offline kenny

A few years ago, I used to punt 2-4 times a month, but my house is sucking up the punting budget at the moment, so I am enforcing
1 punt a month limit on myself  :(

Offline Tompunt1

Generally about once a month, although I'm taking a bit of a forced break as my regular is away. ;-)

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