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Author Topic: Thai massage girls  (Read 1484 times)

Offline Still-alive

I've been punting a fair number of years but always with few exceptions stuck to the tried and tested English ladies, the review I posted about Mariana was very much an exception.

However, I've been intrigued by how many on these forums recommend massage, with or without HE ( but preferably with for me ) and over the last couple of days a whole bunch of new Thai massage places seem to have sprung up in my home region of Teesside.




I'm well aware that these are WGs, but would I also get a decent massage too? Has anyone any experience of these kind of places? Anyone can call themselves a masseuse, but I know a lot haven't any real expertise in it. Any input welcome.
Please don't suggest the two in Chester le Street, I'm aware of them and will visit one day but right now circumstances forbid going that far.
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Offline david smith

I PHONED THE one is Stockton does full body to body 30 mins 50 pound hour 80pound full sex 100 pound no anal
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I tried one of the ones in Stockton  that advertised on AW.

Massage was pretty rubbish, that's if you can call pouring half a bottle of baby oil on my back and then rubbing it in.

The woman wasn't remotely the girl in the AW pictures, she was at least 20 stone, the biggest Thai girl I've ever come across, she was almost Sumo size. I'd put her age at late 30's not 26 as per AW

Forgot to add for the baby oil bath, rubbish massage and oral (covered) it was £60 so pretty rubbish

Offline daviemac

I tried one of the ones in Stockton  that advertised on AW.

Any chance of a link so we know who you're talking about.   :unknown:

Not sure how to post a link on my phone but bet AW username was HOT THAI BABY

Thanks that's the one.

Not sure if it's one of these places where it's different girls every couple of weeks as she said she'd only just got there.

The location was also a bit "dodgy"

Offline Still-alive

@ SirWalter:-

Well one of the pics on Hot Thai Baby is almost certainly the same girl in one of the pics for Hot Thai Massage I asked about, based in Norton. Same red bra and thong and same red shoes as far as I can tell, just a different camera angle. One to avoid if what you say is correct, so thanks, that's a number scrubbed from the punterphone.

I phoned Suki, she sounded bored and a bit aggressive at answering questions. The Love Thai girl sounded much more friendly so might well give her a go this week. Bit of research and Suki massage is nationwide, also in Japan where its run by organised crime. All Sukis everywhere are listed as 23 yrs old, bit of a coincidence like!
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Offline Still-alive

Banning reason: Constant attacks on UKP on UKE

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