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Author Topic: Who has the best butt in the North East?  (Read 2725 times)

Offline portable

I saw 'Zara' from adult work, in Newcastle a couple of times before she recently retired (or so it seems). Nice, slim ebony girl, maybe a bit too professional in terms of the 'routine' but... dat ass!  :D

So since she's vanished, who has a nice, curvy bubble butt, and is worth visiting?

And I mean excessively curvy and pert, not just big and flumpy.


sounds like that Gabi lass may have a nice harris .  ask Anth :thumbsup:

Offline AnthG

sounds like that Gabi lass may have a nice harris .  ask Anth :thumbsup:
I donate bubble butt as Jennifer Lopez style. So no she does not have this. She is really incredibly thin.

Offline portable

Yup. As nice as she sounds, not the type I'm looking for.

Nobody else has any suggestions?

Although it looks like Zara is back ("Horny Zara")   :yahoo: Looks like she's even had a boob job. She's Inflated her price a little too, but er...yup. Will be seeing her again.
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Not visited myself but Curvy Cindy on AW might be a candidate;



Offline portable

I've seen Curvy Cindy as it happens. Attractive, smart and friendly, but offered a fairly routine service.  Professional but stand offish. More concerned with lying back and looking good to be honest.  Kept wanting to massage me rather than indulge in actual escort service.

Shame. Very nice girl though.

Can't remember much about her butt, but she is very shapely.

Offline Mark44

I would say naughty bella.she got a the best bum and very hot body she is very pretty, Always see her when am down there !!!!!!

Offline Lixies

The best butt I have photographed in the north east has to be this one........

Not a bad front either.......

Offline toon972

Must be Angelica from Diamonds of Newcastle  :P

Offline Lixies

She is with The Dollybirds. Demi.... nice lass been about a couple of years now.

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