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Author Topic: Caroline Court  (Read 1058 times)

Recently found pictures of this mature model (50s) from Wakefield. Looks just like one of my old teachers. Wouldn't mind slipping her a length as payback for all the crap marks her lookalike used to give me. Anyone know if she escorts? If so any contact details. Thanks for your help in advance - hope the answers yes !

Your Barking up the wrong tree.  That's a modeling site.

Online mediumjoe

   Says 58 but I reckon mid 60,s still got a cracking body for her age,  does nude work but I agree with previous post , give up on this one. Joe

Thanks for the answers guys. I have seen that some of the models on Purestorm / Purpleport / Model Mayhem / Madcow Models etc also have profiles on A/W so thought it might be worth asking around. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Thanks again

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