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Author Topic: Amy Blake 1992 (Leeds) outcall  (Read 821 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/3143025 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amy%2DBlake1992

I've now seen Amy four times (possibly more) I lose count - and I was tempted not to write another review as I want to keep her for myself  :diablo:  :P

Hour outcall for £130 plus £20 extra for anal

Comms: Most of the meets have been arranged by AW email to start moving to text message on the day.  Her comms immediately prior to the meet are always first class, letting me know when she's in the taxi, etc.  Pretty much every visit she's been a few minutes early as well so time keeping is also great.

The girl: Amy is a very pretty, down to earth slim girl, with dyed reddish hair and really warms up after the first visit.  We've got a bit of a routine now with drinks and a chat on the sofa to start, then moving to kissing and cuddling and then into the bedroom for the fun and games.  She is great company and I thoroughly enjoy my time with her both in and out of the bedroom.  Hmm, I am sounding like a right fluffy cunt - sorry!

Because I'm a dirty bastard I've paid the extra for anal on the last few visits and (not that I've had that much experience with anal) but it's the best I've ever had - Amy makes all the right noises and calls me a dirty bastard for fucking her arse - which completely does it for me.  I never realised quite how much I like a bit of dirty talk during sex - perhaps anal lends itself to it because it's all "wrong".

The normal sex is also great - enthusiastic, passionate, good snogging throughout, little bits of oral - pretty much the perfect vanilla gfe.

We've experimented with toys and uniforms - Amy in her nurse's outfit almost gave me a heart attack with the horn it induced ;)

The other major bonus with Amy is that as she's very much a part time escort, she doesn't see many guys in a day and when she's been to see me hasn't had to rush off to another booking so we've quite often over-run chatting.

For me who likes the company and human interaction aspect almost as much as the sex Amy is pretty near perfect  :kiss girl:

I'll go away now before I fluff up any more.

7 review(s) found for Amy-B1992 linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline stevedave

Nothing wrong with a little fluff every now and then mate! She looks, and sounds, right up my street, I've had her in my HL since she first appeared on AW, but outcalls only is the problem for me  :dash: :dash:

Offline bod666

She was talking about doing some Incalls last time I saw her so you be in luck ;)

She was talking about doing some Incalls last time I saw her so you be in luck ;)

Hope so!

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