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Author Topic: China Health Massage in Portsmouth  (Read 2655 times)

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China Health Massage - Portsmouth
I visited this place as I was looking for a change from a normal punt


Also easy to find on gumtree

The establishment is an obvious massage parlour and is on the main Kingston Rd in Portsmouth, however I went on a Monday evening when passers by were at a minimum. Once in the door. it is basically a corridor with a couple of massage rooms off of it. A bell rings loudly as you enter, to alert the staff of your arrival.

I was greeted by a mid 20s Italian lady, pretty with long hair and a nice figure. She showed me into a room where chill out music was playing on an ipad. The room contained a massage bed and was softly lit.

I opted for a 1 hour massage for £40 (30 minutes is £25). She got me to take off all of my clothes and lie face down.
The massage itself was relaxing, quite sensual, a lot of oil used. There was the very slight brushing of ass/balls at certain points.

After 40 minutes or so she got me to turn over and massaged my legs, right to the top. Seeing the effect this had, she asked the inevitable question "do you want extra". I did as it happened.  She asked for £30 for hand relief, I declined and offered £20, which was quickly accepted. She would have got naked, for more money of course. She then finished the normal massage of my legs and chest.

When it was time for the finale, she asked me for the £20, which i had to get from my clothes, this killed the mood a bit. However, once paid she took away the money, quickly returned and  delivered the service, asking me how quick or slow I wanted it. As usual with a hand job, I exploded intensely.

I have given a positive review as the overall experience was very nice. I probably would have preferred an oriental lady, hence going to that establishment and I could maybe have offered £10 for the hand relief, £30 is much too steep, I wonder if they ask for £30, knowing you will offer less but be too embarrassed to offer £10. Overall though a nice hour of pampering with the required ending.

Offline fabbian von minky

Any impression if any other services could be offered thx
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Not sure, she offered to get naked, but more may be available at a no doubt, high price. There is only a quite high massage couch in the room, so not much room for anything other than oral. I didn't really get into it as once it starts to get to £60 I cant get my thoughts away from "I could have had a proper punt for this amount"
sorry I cant be more help

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