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Author Topic: Hotels in Birmingham, Worcester, Oxford, Southampton and Brighton  (Read 382 times)

Offline Fagin Again

It would be much appreciated if a few knowledgeable people here could help with this query.

An escort I know who's never "toured" before wants to do a tour to the cities listed in the title.

I told her I would try to get some advice about hotels in those places (a) that have large anonymous foyers ... and (b) where real punters have visited a girl who's in residence, without encountering any problems or embarrassments.

I've heard stories of hotels that hoof girls out into the street if they suss out what's going on...
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Probably not a good idea to post hotel names on a public forum as I doubt hotel management would take too kindly to the publicity.

Offline Steely Dan

This is a forum for punters, not PIT (Pimps-in-Training).  Take your shit to UKE.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline CelticWarrior2

It's not rocket science - check out a local hotel chain with branches in your chosen towns - the layouts and experience will be depressingly similar. And chill - hotel staff have more important things to worry about as long as clients behave.
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Offline Fagin Again

Ah.  One lives and learns.  I'm very cautious about what I post here, but obviously not always cautious enough – although I can see, on reflection, that it might be counter-productive to start posting the names of escort-friendly hotels.

I'm not a pimp, even in training.  Not my line of work at all, and I'd be very bad at it.  As, indeed, I seem already to have demonstrated.  I was trying to help a girl who can't do incalls at the moment, who asked me for advice.  (I dare say I'll now be called fluffy.)

When I was drafting my post, I nearly also wrote that this information might be useful for punters too, so I was partly thinking of the issue in those terms.

But, as I've said, on reflection I can see that asking for hotel names was naive.
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Offline Steely Dan

OK you are not a PIT.    You just do the things a PIT would do. Whatever.

Anyway, my words may have been disrespectful, but my guidance stands.  UKE is the place for this question.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

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