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Author Topic: Mei Chen - Bradford  (Read 1482 times)

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Offline 7x5


Let me tell you of the days of high adventure.

This is my eight punt, my first in three weeks, my first with another WG and my first since abandoning the hassle of having a punting SIM. If any drama ever does come back to bite me in the ass, I can take care of myself, you just enjoy the show and bring the popcorn.

I wasn't actually planning to punt again any time soon as I've been doing too much activity with too little sleep, have an active mind and lost my mojo. Yes she is another oriental, and no that's not a fantasy or fetish of mine. Beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

When I do search AdultWork, I cast my net very wide. Mei normally works out of Birmingham, but I had noticed she had started a tour of Bradford. I have been to Bradford many times before so I was content to go there again. What was more appealing is that extras and rates were clearly stated up front, so that gave me the confidence to push ahead and ask for OWO and more interestingly, Sagami Original condoms. I sent my texts, arranged the booking, comms were fast and the English seemed good. All set then for the next day. But with my active mind I had trouble sleeping and when I got disturbed in the night it I couldn't get back to sleep either, so it was a bad start to the day already. I managed to board an earlier train and let Mei know I could have made my original best case scenario slot. A little more back and forth and everything was set to move ahead a little earlier. When I landed in Bradford I felt bad about her losing the later slot too so I withdrew an extra £40 to consider extending the booking to an hour if things went well.

After I got off the train I went to the toilet to have a piss, and I kid you not, as I looked across from the urinal, I saw someone had done a shit on the floor in one of the cubicles. I let the staff outside know and went about on my merry way. As I had a little bit of time to kill I decided to do a spot of shopping. Bradford has some big name stores, but not a lot of stock in them.

I was beginning to feel my second shit of the day coming, so off I trot, wandering around the shopping centre trying to find the toilet. I covered the whole place from top to bottom and couldn't find it as there was little to no signage. I asked a security guard, he pointed me in the right direction - oddly they were part of the multistorey car park. Upon inspecting the first, second and third cubicle, someone had left floaters. On the last someone had somehow managed to leave shit on the seat. I picked the lesser of two evils, got on with it on got the hell out of there.

Time was creeping up and I still had some walking to do to get to the location, but I had to stop for a piss again along the way first. The big name major supermarket didn't even have a toilet, so I carried on walking. I was then approached by a woman in broad daylight asking for a light. I don't smoke. She then said that I am handsome and I musn't be interested. I told her there was a shop down the road. She said she had to make some money first. I have driven past street hookers at night, but she didn't look like she was dressed for hooking during the day. I guess she was a WG though. The creepier part is she followed me towards Mei's location, but I'm pretty sure Mei had nothing to do with it and it was just a coincidence. I texted Mei that I had arrived, but I carried on walking up a side street hoping the street hooker wouldn't follow me and luckily she fucked off somewhere else.

Now on to the punt.

Visit - 30 mins

Mei met me at the entrance. She must have been looking for me for a couple of minutes whilst I was dodging the street hooker as she had the phone to her ear about to call me as I waved her hello. She is the girl in the pictures, but pictures being what they are, they show her in the best possible light. I'd say she may be a couple of years older and got a little bit of a bum bag belly body fat, but she was still kinda cute in her own right. The only thing I could fault on her on really was that she wore a watch, but I didn't notice her look at it at all.

As she walked me through the corridor I started making polite conversation and she said shh. Once we got into the room I can see why. The walls are paper thin, from time to time you can hear everything from babies crying to people whispering in the corridor. The room seemed nice enough, but a little too artsy fartsy with a free standing shower cubicle slap bang in the middle of what is possibly the smallest apartment know to man. When I had student accommodation, it was cramped, but much better than this as the bathroom was separate and the doors and walls were solid.

After the shower I laid down for the massage to set the mood. Unfortunately by this point I wasn't much in the mood for conversation. It was nice but a little weird. She did some tit rubbing, but also some weird blowing and I'm not sure why. I rolled over and the weird blowing continued. She started to lick my balls and eventually worked her way up the shaft. There must be a market for this sort of thing, but I'd rather skip the preamble, have a little conversation first and get to the sucking. This was my first time having OWO and her technique seemed OK, but really for the sake of a tenner more, I really couldn't tell the difference so I may stick to OW and save my money. Damn thy adult circumcision. As such I was having a hard time achieving a semi let alone full mast. When I eventually got there, by the time she had reached for the condom on the bedside table I had lost it already, so back to the sucking.

The time came to put the hat on. Now I had stated in advance I wanted a Sagami original, after the details were confirmed my booking request stated Sagami original and when I got there I paid the extra up front and expected Sagami Original, but I didn't receive it. She had a couple of condoms on the side but picked up the durex instead. There is a good chance my dick is too big to fit in a condom designed for an oriental market, but for the sake of a tenner I didn't care much to argue at this point and wanted to get on with it. The time it took for the packet to open and the hat to go on was all it took to lose the erection, so poor girl, more sucking again until I reached a decent stiffness.

And then for the action. She assumed the position for doggy, but no, not that easy, hop on! Unfortunately I had lost it again, dropped to a semi and it was like trying to push spaghetti through the eye of a needle, but somehow we managed it. Hilarity ensued as we had the same problem each time we changed positions, but even with a semi and trying not to pummel her into dust I think I still managed to hurt her. I did like the way she locked our legs together in doggy etc too though. In the end we finished with a hand job but I still didn't come. She said sorry but it really wasn't her fault. I was tempted to mark this down as a neutral, as I didn't enjoy everything she had to offer, but she does seem like a nice enough girl and it was worth a try for the weird stuff to see if I liked it or not, the problem for the most part here lies with me. Suffice to say I didn't extend the booking and put the extra £40 back in the bank.

On the way back home, I needed a piss again before catching the train. I went to look for the toilet, but it had been closed. I guess they were still busy cleaning up the shit someone left on the floor earlier. Stranger still they must get that a lot, as they opened up a back up male toilet instead, which stunk of stale piss.

Lessons learned
A lot of punters talk about girls but don't leave reviews, even if they had a good time. I am beginning to see why. If you are on to a good thing, you want to stick with it and keep it to yourself. If you have a bad time, you may want to forget about it. Myself personally, I'd like to share my adventures, good or bad. But when the problem here is yourself, what can you do? 

I can usually get a hard on looking at pictures no problem. I can usually get a hard on by thinking about someone too. I also get a hard on by accident when I get a text confirming a punt is on and I can pop around soon, even if I'm in public. I suppose the lesson here is don't punt to get your mojo back, get your body and mind together and save it for another day or not at all.
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5 review(s) found for Mei Chen linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Cheers for sharing. Wonder what I will be doing next time I am in Bradford  :lol:

As for the Sagami 001 condom OMFG the best in the business. Should be for £30 for a box of 3 !! They are such a struggle to get on your dick  :dash: :dash: if you have a "large" one as they do not fit properly !!

Personally I now use the 002's as you can get them in large size and there are 12 in a box for £15. I cannot tell the difference.
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Offline 7x5

I originally wrote the review on what clearly was a bad day, when I was in a bad mood, without giving time to sleep on it, and to top it all off I booked the punt for the wrong reasons. Whilst I'm in a rested state and a good mood I figure I'd add some more detail to the review.

Mei Chen is pretty, and there was a strong likeness to the pictures, but due to make up and lightning it still wasn't quite what I expected. She was still pretty as is though so don't let that put you off.

I can be discrete with private, personal information, but I appreciate that I can be a bit like a bull in a china shop at the best of times. As such it probably wasn't a good idea for me to make conversation until we had got into the room.

I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know she was to provide the Sagami, as when I paid at the start, she knew it was a 30 minute booking so £60 was warranted, but she wondered if the extra £20 was for nuru or not. I tried to explain it was for OWO and Sagami, as per the texts and booking request. She understood the OWO part, but didn't linger on Sagami.

I did try to make further conversation, but despite her texts being very clear, her oral English wasn't a strong point. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a translator or maid on her behalf or if she could read and write English well but not speak it as much. That didn't stop us from having a little bit of fun trying with gestures and the little bit of Chinese I do know and she did seem willing to try different things.

I was hoping to have some of the chemistry or familiarity from my other punts, but to be fair it does usually take a couple of visits for me to be comfortable with a new person or new surroundings.

In hindsight, given as my numb cock makes OWO a moot point and the Sagami probably wouldn't fit me, I should have gone with the nuru massage. It might be something worth a try when the opportunity strikes again.
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Banning reason: When 3 long term members report you at the same time it's time to go.

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