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Author Topic: Kim venezuela - Colchester during week (weekends sometimes tours)  (Read 580 times)

4 review(s) for Kim venezuela (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

£60.00 for 30 minutes (this was for one cum and OW)

Additional cum

https://www.adultwork.com/3097263 or

This was one of my first ever punts late last year. I can still remember it as it unfolded and it was a mixed bag to say the least.

Communication/location - Phoned Kim up about 7:30pm/8pm asking if she was free for a 30 min booking. She was so i thought why not give it a go.
Was given an postcode and address and asked to ring once parked outside. She is situated in colchester down priory street opposite a large car park.
Called once parked and was given a house number.

Kim - Well well what can you say. Kim is in my eyes the best looking girl i have ever seen from AW. She appeared from behind the door and holy mother she was looking a solid 9/10.
Dressed in a g-string and matching bra and high heals. BODY TO DIE FOR.
She was wearing glasses which gave her that secretary look and her eyes were drawing me in already.
Ass - 9/10
Face - 8.5/10
Tits - 8/10 (matched her body not too big or too small)
100% the girl in the pictures even if they are vague.

Meet - I was offered a drink which i declined and we quickly sorted out the money. As a newbie i had only brought £60.00 and had not expected extra's cost (MUPPET). I was slightly annoyed with myself as OWO and additional cums would have made this a much better punt.
As stated on her profile and phone she didn't offer DFK or kissing at all which again is now a put off for me.
I handed over the money as she lead me upstairs. My god her ass was a sight walking behind it. I quickly had a wee and met her back in the bedroom.
Mattress on the floor which was strange but doesn't bother me.
I got undressed and of course was rock already. Kim applied the condom and started sucking. Not the best and not very deep but she is a petite girl with a little mouth.
I switched to 69 position and tasted her little pussy (which tasted sweet) while she continued to suck me off. Into doggie (pussy was very tight) and boom over within 2 minutes.

At this point i hadn't thought it was over but Kim explained the one shot policy which was a first for me. I got dressed and left. In an out within 15 minutes. For this i would give the meet a 6/10 but if i had known this before i would have paced myself or paid extra (probably the later :D

I haven't had a chance to re-visit Kim as i am working through all the girls in Colcheseter and Ipswich area (who are on my HL) but i will return one time soon.

I would highly recommend Kim as she is honestly a stunning girl.
Downside is no DFK or kissing in general and extra for OWO and extra cums but I will happily pay this when i see her again.

4 review(s) found for Kim venezuela linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline socks

You're doing great work with all these reviews mate!

The positive seems a bit kind to me though, you paid for half an hour of her time with no mention of such a nonsense one cum policy. The very least she could have done was refunded you a tenner to her fifteen minute rate but with no warning I'd have still found this an insult. It's your punt and if you left feeling positive that's your choice but part of the role of this site is exposing these scams so others can avoid them and/or the prossies stop doing it. If we still grade them positive even when we've been ripped off I fear that day remains a long way away.

Hey Socks,

Glad you like them.

I totally understand where you are coming from but I used this as a learning curb to make sure I knew what I was getting into and asked and read up before taking the plunge.

I couldn't give Kim a neutral or negative post as she does or did state this on her profile. Plus she is a natural beauty which is hard to find on AW.

You should try her if you haven't already.

Offline Battle

Hi Ping
I see Kim also before Xmas and have done a review, my 1/2 hour turned into 15mins lasting about 10 !! :(

Offline socks

Ah yes - given that you punted her a while ago and it appears she has now removed the cum once policy from her profile. Hopefully it's removed from her in reality too. If she was advertising it when you saw her and you knew about it then buyer beware I guess! That in itself would have been enough for me to say fuck that though. In my rare forays down the A12 I go for sure fire things so if someone else confirms she's no longer a cum once offer, she could well migrate onto my hotlist - cheers for the rec.

The only thing that puts me off is that this girl and all her pictures used to be a Romanian called ( I think ) Black Diamond and had lots of feedback.

I had her in my Hot List for ages and then she disappeared. Still she's worth a second  thought.

Offline ramrodronnie

Thanks for the Review pingpow123. As socks says, nice to see all of these Reviews coming from you.

Without wanting to be repetitive, I find myself in full agreement with socks. As it was one of, if not your first punt? Then obviously you can be excused for being a little naïve.

I personally would like to see her going by your description of her look, and body, but the only drawback for me would be the no FK/DFK, as this is a must for me in any punt. If she were ever to start allowing kissing, then I would most definitely want to see her.

Thanks again for your Review pingpow123

Banning reason: Undesirable

Hey guys,

As stated Kim was one of my first ever punts but i remember clearly that she did state on her profile one cum policy.
When i next get round to seeing her I will be sure to ask if this is still the case.

As 'Battle' stated on his review she is very attractive and could make a boy weak at the knees.

The only thing that puts me off is that this girl and all her pictures used to be a Romanian called ( I think ) Black Diamond and had lots of feedback.

I had her in my Hot List for ages and then she disappeared. Still she's worth a second  thought.

The girl i saw was not Romanian I can tell you that.
She was a slim latino. So i think you are thinking of someone else 'Notebook'

No, no, no. Those pictures are of a Romanian girl called Black Diamond  and very attractive too.

She was called Black Diamond 93 and at some point was also called Latino Black Pearl.  Called herself Carla.

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