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Author Topic: WelshBunny-BlueEyes / Savannah Grace  (Read 1401 times)

Offline Madsen44

Just wondered if anyone has seen Savvie lately?


May see her soon, has some recent feedback but nothing on here since last year.


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Yes I've seen her a couple of times.
Sexy lady - big false tits, photos are photoshopped but she's still got a good body, if a little bigger than pics show.
May be a tad on the expensive side, but she's good.

However if you are paying that sort of money , I'd go for Kandice if she was around.

Online Rhyspaul

Does she have a sleave tattoo by any chance?

From what I can remember, no.

But then again I wasn't looking at her arms.....

Offline greggspeter

Is she an ebony WG or from a mediterranean country or spraytanned? looks hot altho maybe more BBW?
Banning reason: Abandoned account of PurpleMinion

Spray-tanned Welsh.
Probably more of a bbw.
Great service though, been there three times.

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