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Author Topic: Glasgow/CHANELLE1XXX  (Read 1366 times)

5 review(s) for CHANELLE30XXXX (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I have been reading the reviews on this site for a year but have never posted any reviews myself. Well here we go.


I contacted CHANELLE1XXX at very short notice and did not really expect her to reply or to be free this evening. However, she texted back quickly and an hour long appointment was agreed. In fairness I was unsure of meet as could not find any detailed reviews.

Arrived at city centre hotel on time. Nice hotel with busy public bar and therefore lots of people going in and out. Text CHANELLE1XXX and she advised previous client had not left yet. A bit surprised as most girls would give no explanation. I was not in any hurry and told her no rush. Waited bout 25 minutes and got text with room number. When arrived she was just out of shower.

Fantastic looking girl with nice full lips,large breasts(big nipples)and a great ass. Given lack of reviews i was surprised at how attractive she was and also very relaxed.

Started with a massage which was very professional(CHANELLE tells me she is fully qualified) and some nice stroking of my balls. CHANELLE1 has great lips and kissing was passionate and with open mouth. I'm not normally into kissing during punts but this was very natural. Oral with and reverse oral and sex in a few positions. Oral was good and she has a nice fresh tasting pussy and kept some sexy eye contact. Could not wait to get behind that amazing ass and take her from behind. Finished with handjob onto those big tits.

Nice chat at end of punt and was pleasantly surprised had overrun time. Would definitely return and she also works with her friend. Met her briefly and also very attractive girl. Think name was Emma. All in all surprisingly good punt as not many hot girls with good attitude.

5 review(s) found for CHANELLE30XXXX linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

First post Positive reviews are always taken with a pinch of salt as they always sound like adverts from the WG ......?

So tell us all a bit about yourself and your punting history ?

Offline mavgoose

First post Positive reviews are always taken with a pinch of salt as they always sound like adverts from the WG ......?

So tell us all a bit about yourself and your punting history ?


Highlighting the girl's name in question in


again and again will further the suspicion.
Please, prove me wrong.

Offline DG

In light of the pasting Cherry got recently, this girl appears to have no qualms about her revolving door operation  :dash:
Banning reason: White-knight

Offline seeker

Song by Phil Collins
About a deceptive nasty hoe. :unknown:
Who will lie to you and leave you broken in two. :scare: :sarcastic:

Ok Tazman, how about a quick run down of my punting history good and bad and a bit of a review for each girl.

My first was with

Sooobusty bout 18 months ago. Lisa has massive real tits but amazingly firm for a woman who must be in her forties. Still only girl who has managed to get a second pop from me. Her dirty talk did it for me plus unexpectedly slapping my cock lol.

Then met Darcy Rose, could not believe those big fake tits and great ass. Visited her a few times at her flat in merchant city. It was always freezing. She kept me waiting 45 minutes and the punt was over half way through the hour. I never went back. Pity she appears to have stopped as would have been tempted again.

Best punts with Lovely Miriam(top body and clever), Erika (treats u like a king), Paula(same as Erika), Canadian Wendy(best ass)and Sophie Thomas(found I also like a bit of Pse), Destiny( best bj).

Worst punts, Lucy Santangelo( time wasting tactics as other reviews, pity beautiful girl), Carmel( dodgy smelling snatch), Brandybritish(drunk or high, she nearly broke my neck during reverse oral lol, amazing body but too much Botox)

Have too say avoided most disasters by checking reviews and ignoring the photo shopped supermodels.

Silence pml 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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