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Author Topic: Felicity at Playmates and Annabelle at Mckenzies  (Read 747 times)

Any one have experience of either ladies - are they as beautiful as their pictures suggest? Views are very welcome.

Offline johnboy007

I've seen her 3 times I think.

To me, she has a look of Rachel Riley.

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Offline alreytyoof

To me, she has a look of Rachel Riley.

Are you referring to Felicity or Annabelle?

I can't comment on Annabelle though the photos of Felicity are very accurate and she is one of the prettiest escorts I've seen.
Though depending on what kind of experience you are looking for there might be better.

Offline johnboy007

I meant Feliciity - I got mixed up with the Annabelle that Felicity used to be at IK Services so for a minute thought the OP meant the same person.

Not seen Annabelle, but McKenzies aren't the most helpful in my opinion, so probably won't either.
Banning reason: Abusive + Leaver

Offline Kenshin-X

I've seen Annabelle today at last! She's not a myth; bubbly and friendly personality with a body to die for  ;)

Offline stevedave

If she even has a hint of Rachel Riley about her, that's good enough for me  :thumbsup:

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