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Author Topic: Savannah_James and Stickynicky69 - Lanarkshire  (Read 2753 times)

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Offline keepitup

Savannah: https://www.adultwork.com/2854319 or https://www.adultwork.com/Savannah%5FJames
Stickynicky69 has turned off her profile for the moment.

I met both Savannah and Nicky at Savannah's place in Lanarkshire when they had set up a 'duo day'. The flat was warm (which was very welcome on that cold, wet day) and comfortable.

Both Nicky and Savannah are very attractive, fun, enthusiastic and filthy in the best possible way. The short version goes something like this:

Girl-girl sixty nine; slippery double blowjobs; drooling deep throat, face fucking and gagging.

Forced orgasms, denied orgasms, plain old horny as fuck orgasms, joint orgasms; watching each other cum.

Three-way body entanglements; hands everywhere; a mix of horny, lustfully needy and sensual kisses.

I'll include my usual blow by blow storified account below. I know that some people don't like that, and that some people really enjoy it. Scroll past the spoiler space if you'd like to read on...

I met Stickynicky69 and Savannah_James for a threesome. An hour of pure filthy indulgence with two of Scotland's kinkiest escorts. I'd seen Nicky before, but this was the first time I met Savannah.

We met at Savannah's place, Google having brought me most of the way there; Savannah's guidance saw me right for the last little bit.

I arrived, slightly damp even from the short walk through typical Scottish winter rain, and gratefully entered the welcoming warmth as Savannah's door opened. Savannah herself hid behind the door as she pulled it inwards - a sign, surely, of good things to follow. Sure enough, as the door closed behind me, the gorgeously sexy Savannah was revealed, clad only in very tempting lingerie.

After a welcoming kiss, the nearly naked Savannah led me down the hallway towards the bedroom where an exuberant and just as nearly naked Nicky welcomed me with a hug and a kiss of her own.

"Hi!" Said Nicky as she snaked her arms around me. "Sorry I'm not naked."

With Nicky and I, that would normally be against the rules. But this was Savannah's place, not Nicky's, and we'd previously discussed that it wouldn't be practical. Not right at the start.

But there was something else we'd arranged. Something for immediately after I was in the flat. Something more fun. I headed for the bathroom to disrobe, while the girls backed into the bedroom and closed the door.

It didn't take me long - I was keen, eager for what would happen next, but I forced myself to wait for what I thought would be long enough for the girls to get into position.

"Are you ready?"

A slightly muffled "yes".

I opened the door.

There, directly in front of me, was a blood pumping, cock twitching sight: Nicky was on all fours, naked, with her delectable tanned ass up in the air facing the door - facing directly towards me. In typical red-blooded male style, my eyes immediately locked on to her pussy.

But I couldn't see all of her pussy - some of it was obscured. Obscured by Savannah's face, which was between Nicky's legs in the sixty-nine position. Her mouth was attached to Nicky's groin and her tongue was currently buried deep in Nicky's cunt, eliciting moans and squirms and other signs of pleasure. As Nicky moaned I could see her head and shoulders move to their own rhythm. Savannah gasped and arched her head back in ecstasy - whatever Nicky was doing, it must be good.

I walked in and around the bed and closer, affording myself a better view. Now this - this was what memories are made of.

Nicky was atop Savannah, the movement of her shoulders caused by her fingers sliding and twisting inside Savannah's slick wet pussy. Now that I was beside them, I could see Savannah's tongue lick and probe deep inside Nicky. The smell of arousal filled the room, making my heart pound and keeping my cock needful and erect. As I looked down, Savannah looked up at me, her eyes meeting mine and inviting me to watch as she worked on Nicky.

But I wasn't going to watch for long. I hopped onto the bed and ran my hands over the bodies intertwined in front of me. One hand naturally gravitating to Nicky's saliva coated pussy lips, the other to Savannah's dripping, fingered cunt.

If I had gorilla arms I might have been able to enjoy both at the same time. Sadly I had to make do with one at a time. But two such delectable pussies, even sampled one at a time, were a joy to touch. I slipped fingers from one hand into Nicky's pussy as Savannah licked her clit, then fingers from the other into Savannah, joining Nicky's. Back and forth, back and forth.

I moved around, picking a side. I chose to help Nicky - ganging up with her on her assault on Savannah's pussy. My fingers sliding here, Nicky's there. Sometimes Nicky's tongue on Savannah's clit, sometimes both sets of fingers seeking out Savannah's pleasure spots.

Underneath Nicky, Savannah began to moan.

Nicky and I worked harder.

"Mmmm, yess!" Savannah moaned.

I looked at Nicky. Maybe we could bring Savannah off this way. Probably, in fact. But Savannah had other ideas.

She moved around, her focus on my erect cock, and took it into her mouth. Her lips parted around the head and then slid down the shaft. Down, down, down - until the head of my cock pushed against the constriction of her throat. And then, pop, Savannah took all of me in: my cock head was in her throat, her lips were at the bottom of my shaft.

Fuck! That was good.

She came up and then slid down again; and again. Nicky watched and commented and encouraged as Savannah took me all in and I made small fucking motions in her throat. Savannah took it well - in her element sucking my cock to the best of her laudable ability.

Nicky couldn't wait on the sidelines for long though. Very soon she was taking her own place beside Savannah and waiting for the opportune moment to pounce. And  soon that moment arrived. Savannah slid her lips back up my cock, leaving trails of drool as she did so. She passed my wet, shiny cock over to Nicky, who quickly devoured it and had it down the back of her own throat as if to show Savannah and myself what she was capable of.

With no small amount of encouragement from Nicky, I held her head there and fucked my cock in and out of her throat - facefucking her as Savannah watched. Nicky came up, gasping, and then plunged back down, fucking me hard with her throat until it was time to swap over once again.

Back and forth my cock went: deep into Savannah's throat, then into Nicky's, and back. I was hard as a rock and dripping with saliva from both girls. I would briefly feel the cool sensation of that wetness evaporating as my cock pulled out of one mouth, only to feel the enveloping warmth as it pushed into another.

Then both girls knelt on the floor and invited me to stand before them, my shining, erect cock sticking out between the two. The girls placed their mouths on either side of my shaft and began to lick up and down, to kiss each other around the head and to occasionally take the end into one or another mouth for a quick suck.

I could have stayed there all day - a whole glorious day of looking down at these two sharing and licking and sucking my cock. But I also felt the rising urge to fuck - an urge that built to a desire and then to a need.

"I need to put my cock in some pussy", I said, wondering who would be first to volunteer.

It turned out Nicky was first. Not that Savannah would be left out.

Nicky lay on her back with her legs invitingly open. I donned a condom while she scooted and wiggled herself into position - my concentration more than tested by the view of Nicky's pussy winking at me as she moved. Then, just as I was finishing my task, Savannah stretched her knees wide and arched herself over Nicky's head. Savannah's invitingly open pussy was now planted directly on Nicky's face. Nicky wasted no time: she was soon devouring Savannah from below.

I pushed forward, slowly sinking my cock into Nicky's thoroughly wet cunt while Savannah watched eagerly. Nicky moaned into Savannah's pussy, pausing in her ministrations for a moment as the sensations overtook her. I pushed in more, until my shaft was fully buried inside Nicky. Savannah looked up at me and leaned in hungrily for a kiss.

I met Savannah's mouth with mine and began a slow, steady fucking motion as we kissed - softly, yet with passion. Fuck, fuck, fuck - building Nicky's arousal while I alternately kissed Savannah's mouth or explored down to her nipples.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Nicky was moaning now, barely able to concentrate on pleasuring Savannah, but still - just - managing.

I fucked more. I heard Nicky moan, I saw Savannah's eyes close in pleasure.

"I can feel her", I said to Savannah. "I can feel her pussy tightening."

"Is she close?" asked Savannah. "Is she going to cum?"

"Yes", I answered. "Soon."

I kept up my rhythmic fucking and, sure enough,

"I can't", moaned Nicky, her body squirming and her head moving from side to side under Savannah's pussy.

Savannah looked at me quizzically.

"She needs to cum" I explained. "She's trying to hold it."

"How long?" I asked, pumping my cock back and forward into Nicky. "How long can you go?"

But she couldn't form the thoughts. "I can't..." she moaned.

I looked at Savannah. "How long do you think? A count of five?"

Savannah nodded. We counted together, on my lead.


Nicky continued to squirm, but she was holding it.

"Two", we chanted.


Savannah looked down at Nicky. I could feel Nicky's cunt tightening and her body tensing. She was so close - barely holding it together but not cumming yet.


Savannah looked up at me, her own face filled with excitement. Nicky was chanting "I can't. I can't" as she held her muscles tight, trying to hold off.


I fucked harder, faster as I said it and Nicky exploded. Her cunt gripped my cock, her body arched and she groaned into Savannah's pussy. I kept fucking Nicky's tight, but wet, gripping, spasming pussy - kept her high up in her orgasm, cumming and cumming and smelling and tasting Savannah's pussy for as long as I could.

"That was soooo fucking good", said Nicky as she came down.

"You are such a slut", said Savannah kindly.

Nicky nodded from her place under Savannah's groin.

"It's not over yet", I said. "You don't get to stop just because you've cum."

And so I started to move again, pumping my cock slowly in and out of Nicky's sensitive, swollen pussy. I could feel Nicky's muscles pulse and ripple around my cock as the aftershocks hit her, and see her body tremble and tense.

I kept fucking, pushing Nicky through her extended orgasm and out to the other side - until we were just fucking once again.

Only we weren't just fucking: Savannah was there, and she looked on at us both.

"Does she feel good?" she asked me, and then the same of Nicky.

Nicky moaned into Savannah's pussy: "so good. It's amazing."

I looked Savannah in the eye. "I feel her twitching", I said. "Her pussy's gripping and pushing on me. She's nearly ready to cum again."

Ans so she was. I could feel Nicky's body tense, could feel her cunt tighten and bear down as she tried to resist the orgasm threatening to overwhelm her.

"Should we let her cum?" I asked Savannah as I fucked Nicky's pussy.

Savannah deliberated. Nicky didn't say anything but I could tell she was waiting for Savannah to answer.

"Not yet."

"Ah no", said Nicky despondently. "You're evil." And then "oh fuck!" as my cock pounded into her pussy.

I watched Savannah's face and she watched mine. A little smile played across both.

"Pleeeaaaase!" Nicky's voice pleaded from below us. "Please can I cum. Please."

"You can cum you little bitch", said Savannah, "cum now!"

As soon as I heard the words I pumped my cock harder, faster into Nicky's pussy. Almost immediately her cunt spasmed and her body arched.


I kept pounding rapidly as Nicky's orgasm hit, the sensations of her tight pussy rippling over my cock were exquisite. I felt my own orgasm hit me as I pushed through that tightness. I held there, my cock rigid and still as Nicky's twitches and spasms milked the cum from me, spurt after spurt into the condom.

I moved slightly, rocking my cock, extending the last few moments of our orgasms, revelling in the aftershocks rippling through us both. Then I pulled out.

"Time", I said, "for another condom."

I can't remember who said it - either myself or Nicky - but as I was changing condoms, one of us asked Savannah "So how's your orgasm control?"

"Pretty good" was the answer. Savannah was already getting into position, anticipating the direction things were to take next.

"You'll love it", said Nicky. "It's brilliant."

"You can help me - let's make it difficult for her", I suggested to Nicky.

And so we arranged ourselves: Savannah on her back with Nicky kneeling to the side, already leaning in to kiss Savannah and slip her mouth over Savannah's nipple; I took my place between Savannah's open legs and pushed in, slipping through her wet folds to nestle my cock just inside.

"She's got a tight wee pussy, doesn't she?" Nicky observed, before dipping her head down to plant her mouth on Savannah's for a sensual kiss.

"Mmmm hmmm", I was forced to agree: I could feel the tight, wet warmth of Savannah's pussy envelope my cock as I pushed the shaft inside her.

Savannah closed her eyes and let her head lie back as she enjoyed the sensations sent to her brain from both ends of her body.

I started to rock my hips back and forward, sliding my cock in and out of Savannah as Nicky worked on her top. Faster; a little faster; there - the right speed. I kept fucking. Nicky kept kissing, then snaked her hand down Savannah's body until her fingers covered Savannah's clit. I leaned back to allow those fingers access.

It wasn't long before Savannah began to moan. She looked up.

"Maybe I'm not quite so good at orgasm control after all."

"I think she's right", I said to Nicky. "I can feel her getting closer."

"Can you feel it?" Asked Nicky. "What's it like?"

I struggled to concentrate as I fucked, perhaps a little hesitation creeping into my answer.

"It feels sooo good", I said. "I can feel Savannah's pussy muscles beginning to flutter. And she's getting slicker."

Savannah moaned.

"Fuck", said Nicky, "I'm getting to turned on. I need to have a wank." And with that she sidled onto her back right beside Savannah, opened her legs wide, and began to play with herself as I watched.

Fuck - what a sight! I leaned back slightly as I fucked, angling my cock head up into Savannah's g-spot and affording me a better view at the same time. And so I continued: fucking rhythmically into Savannah and watching her build towards orgasm; watching Nicky as she watched Savannah and played with herself; and watching Savannah getting hot watching Nicky play with herself.

Savannah was close, I could feel her body tensing underneath me.

"Fuck!" She exclaimed. "I'm not going to be able to hold it."

"Ask me", I said.

"Can I cum?" she asked.

"Count of five for you too", I said. It seemed only fair.

Savannah grimaced as she nodded.

"One", I said, driving my cock into Savannah's pussy, causing her to squirm.

"Two." Savannah was shaking her head.

"Three." I kept fucking.

"F-" Just as I was about to say "four", I felt it: Savannah's legs stiffened and her pussy gripped hard onto my cock. I uttered the last two counts and drove my cock hard into her quivering cunt, feeling those pulsating walls resisting my movement as I fucked.

Savannah was cumming hard and I kept fucking - pounding her with my cock as she climaxed.

"I didn't make it", said Savannah as she recovered.

"No", I answered simply, and I kept fucking.

Nicky watched as I continued to slide my cock in and out of Savannah's now very slick pussy, keeping her aroused, keeping her near the edge. It wouldn't be long before she orgasmed again, and we all knew it.

"She's going to cum again", said Nicky. "Sometimes it's easier after the first one."

I nodded my agreement, but kept my cock moving through Savannah's slippery wet, swollen and just orgasmed pussy. Not especially fast; not extra slow - just fucking. We were right - she had been close. Suddenly Savannah's legs stiffened again and her pussy pulsed and twitched around me.

"I'm cumming", Savannah squeezed out. "Again."

Fuck! That was good. I held my cock still inside Savannah as her body shook and trembled, savouring the sight and the sensations until her orgasm passed.

"Time", I said, "for another condom."

So we disentangled and disengaged. Savannah slipped another condom onto me and Nicky announced that she needed to pop to the bathroom.

As soon as the condom was on, Savannah turned around on all fours, presenting her perfectly formed arse to my view. I accepted the implied invitation and was soon kneeling behind savannah, guiding my erection to wards those moist lips so beautifully presented. I slid in easily and we were soon sliding together with a steady cadence.

And so it was - fucking, in animal style, on Savannah's bed - that Nicky found us when she returned. Nicky joined us, kissing either of us as needed, or slipping a hand across a nipple here, or a groin there. It was an incredible sight, an incredible feeling, an incredible complete set of sensations. I felt myself getting close. By Savannah's moans, and her squirms, so was she.

I angled my cock slightly higher and fucked just a little bit harder. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. A constant, unwavering cycle of thrust and withdraw, until...

"Oh shit, cumming!"

As before, and as I was coming to know well, Savannah's whole body tensed and her pussy clamped down. That was enough for me.

"Hnnngrrrghh!" I grunted, the seed leaving me in spurt after spurt.

Savannah's ultra sensitive pussy felt every pulse, every little move, every tiny thrust that I made. She started a running commentary to Nicky.

"Oh fuck. I can feel him cumming... hnngg... so senstive... uuhh!... he keeps moving... shit!"

"I love that", said Nicky. "I love that feeling."

As I held there, making small movements and feeling Savannah's orgasmic reactions on my still cumming cock, time seemed to stretch out to infinity. My brain processed nothing other than the sexual pleasures being felt right then.

But the orgasm had to finish - both of them did. Eventually we came back to reality and what had seemed like an eternity only moments ago now seemed all to brief and fleeting.

As did the booking, for it was now over. A whole hour of debauched fun now experienced and behind me. So much fun as it was happening; far too short now it was over.

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Offline bigmike32

Now hes off to write a book

I hope not, that was an impenetrable wall of text.

Offline bigmike32

He started off well then decided to start again but in much more detail i couldnt take it all in lol.

Offline Courtney

He started off well then decided to start again but in much more detail i couldnt take it all in lol.

Yeah....it made me laugh. :D

....must be good to have a brain with a built in record/playback button  :lol: .....I think I'll need to get one. :D

Offline bigmike32

I couldnt take it in all i got bored of the rambling lol. But he had a good punt.

Offline pictisunum

You've thought about this punt quite a bit since it happened haven't you keepitup  :D.  I stuck with it, but it was like being there.....in real time.  In fact I'm thinking of invoicing you for my hourly rate.

Glad you had a great punt.

Ffs that was like the stories you used to get in the old scud mags  :thumbsup:

Offline GBush

Shame that the review lacks some of the important punting details and focusses on the "Readers Wives" blow by blow account.

He did warn us about the long bit BUT where are the usual punting details???
Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)

Offline JazzMan

Yes, it's a load of crap.
Yes, he was wanking at the same time as writing.
But it was very funny.
Sad but funny.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Stuck the kettle on before sitting down to have a read at that  :lol:

we all like a good bit of detail in a review but that's a bit over the top surely

but fair play you enjoyed yourself and that the name of the game

Offline pictisunum

Give the lad a break.  I think he got caught up in the enthusiasm of it.

My reviews can be on the longer side as I like to give an overall impression of the WG, her presentation, approach, what she's up for and how she performs within that, etc.  I prefer that type of review as a basis for my punting decisions.  Others can judge (and feedback) how useful, or otherwise mine are.

Keepitup this reads a wee bit like a review of yourself and I'll partially agree with GB that it omits some important punting information. Hope this comes across as constructive criticism.

Offline JazzMan

Give the lad a break.  I think he got caught up in the enthusiasm of it.

My reviews can be on the longer side as I like to give an overall impression of the WG, her presentation, approach, what she's up for and how she performs within that, etc.  I prefer that type of review as a basis for my punting decisions.  Others can judge (and feedback) how useful, or otherwise mine are.

Keepitup this reads a wee bit like a review of yourself and I'll partially agree with GB that it omits some important punting information. Hope this comes across as constructive criticism.

Do you take notes during your punts?
How do remember all that detail?
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline pictisunum

Do you take notes during your punts?
How do remember all that detail?

I see you're more of a bullet point man JazzMan.  I don't stop long enough to take notes!  Just a good memory, and my memory works better in narrative form. All styles of review are welcome and no style should be considered better than another, as long as they're accurate and convey the necessary information.

Offline Bangman

I have to agree that Savannah is one fit fuck. Probably one of the dirtiest subs I have had the pleasure of meeting. She makes a funny face and noise when she cums or was that just me! ?
Is Nicky sub and does she do one to ones?

Banning reason: White-knight attacking negative reviewer

Offline RandyF


"Hnnngrrrghh!" I grunted, the seed leaving me in spurt after spurt.

"Oh shit, cumming!"

If you have 10mins to waste this is well worth the read  :D :lol:  Comedy gold.

Banning reason: Troll

Offline GBush

I have to agree that Savannah is one fit fuck. Probably one of the dirtiest subs I have had the pleasure of meeting. She makes a funny face and noise when she cums or was that just me! ?
Is Nicky sub and does she do one to ones?

Yes and yes

I might have to rethink Savannah. She sent me a face photo and I thought she looked a bit too Dom / butch. I know she claims to switch but that's a hard game to play. Maybe it was just the photo.
Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)

Offline Bangman

she got fabulous legs and arse with a few strange piercings so a doggy fuck is a must.
Banning reason: White-knight attacking negative reviewer

Offline GBush

she got fabulous legs and arse with a few strange piercings so a doggy fuck is a must.

Did you review her?
Banning reason: Previously banned (The Real Midas Touch)

Offline Bangman

No it was before I joined this site. She is little pricey but can take it well and she loves it!
She is about an hour from me and I keep threatening to return
Banning reason: White-knight attacking negative reviewer

Offline zag69

Well that sounds like it hit the spot  :D

Offline pictisunum

GB I can assure you that she's a sub by orientation / preference who can dom, rather than the reverse. Have you read my (I acknowledge lengthy) review of her? Not any sign of confusion that day. I've read some of yours and think you'd enjoy.

Actually I've just had to cancel a booking with her as my travel plans had to change, and I'm gutted as we'd negotiated to further explore her submission.

With regard to her appearance I appreciate what you mean. In person she's very pretty but the piercings,  tattoos, attire, etc result in a definite fetish look that could be perceived as you suggest. She will of course take instructions on her appearance for a meet. She is also tall if that's an issue; not a problem for me as a) I'm tall and b) she was on her knees most of the time.
« Last Edit: March 11, 2016, 01:46:44 PM by pictisunum »

Offline mavgoose

she got fabulous legs and arse with a few strange piercings so a doggy fuck is a must.

Arse piercings.... Really. !!?!?!?#/#!?!??!#+#+!?

Offline Courtney


.....unfortunately that makes me think of that film Deliverance. "Squeal like a pig, boy!"

I can't remember who said it - either myself or Nicky

...so maybe not "everything" was recorded. :D :lol:

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