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Author Topic: New Chinese Massage Shop Morriston  (Read 3307 times)

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Offline DevilD

Finally decided to try this out after several positive comments here.
I found the establishment very easily with only a satnav. It's on a main shopping street, but parking is not easy to find. Parked about 100 yards away and walked. Was empty when I arrived (about 12.30 in the afternoon). Greeted immediately by a middle-aged lady, (ting ting, I think)warmly, and showed me into a clean cubicle with a door (not just a curtain). Paid for 30 mins (£30), and she said I will see you next time - young lady this time...! I started undressing, when a lovely, attractive young Chinese lady came in. Said her name was Diana (yeah, right!). Helped me undress, when I took down my underpants, she immediately grabbed my tackle, and stroked them. I asked  'How much?' £20 she said. How much for you to take off your clothes, I said. £20 was the reply. So £70 green ones. Expensive I hear you mutter..... but really worth it.  She has a lovely body - obviously not tall, well proportioned. Firm legs, nive breasts and nipples. No part of her body was left unexplored, inside or out, as she massaged my back. As she massaged my back, I could feel her lovely taut breasts brushing my body. When she got to my legs, her hands were also paying attention to by arse and balls. I lifted my buttocks up, and she immediately started caressing my member, and paying nice attention to my prostrate gland! I said 'time to to turn over? She said yes please... Well, immediately I turned onto my back, she grabbed my erection, and straddled my chest cowgirl style. I played with her clit for ages while she caressed my throbbing member. I could hold back no longer - I had to lick her with my tongue. She moaned with pleasure - more so when I put my finger deep inside her. In the end, she had to pull my hand away, or she said she would have come - and even though there was a door on the room, I guess it would have been too loud for TingTing. She then paid full attention to my cock, and prostrate and had me coming within two minutes. Even though I had obviously come, she kept massaging it vigorously, until I had to ask her to stop! Dried me off, cuddled me, and wiped me down with wet wipes. Diana then changed the bed linen (paper sheets) . She gave me two long kisses and said hope to see you again.
She is only there for a week, then back next month. Really nice half hour! PS 60 mins only £10 dearer, but I was strapped for time.
Would I go again? definitely, but for an hour. The massage was good, but obviously in 30 mins, less whatever it was, it was not as good as Cara's .Horses for courses I suppose...

Offline purefilth

Thanks for the review, I've been wondering about this place and have noticed a lot of very sexy oriental looking girls with milky skin in Swansea which has made me horny.

Will check out this place soon!
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Offline smart1

You can spend £60 for a full service,what's the point to spend £70 for just a HR? 😜

Offline DevilD

Perhaps an enhanced HR was all I was after?


 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Thank you

Offline Pgt

What you meen ? Good bad or indifferent

Offline ledley

What you meen ? Good bad or indifferent

forever hung had a dick in his hand and was having a great time so i'm guessing it was good ha ha  :lol:

Offline Pgt

Did he find a tranny there or his own dick?

Offline ledley

Did he find a tranny there or his own dick?

ha sorry i meant his own. apologies mate i was joking (not helpful in this case)

Offline Pgt

Is it worth a visit, or nothing happening there

Offline Pgt

Is it worth a visit or nothing happening there

Offline Benny121

Have paid a visit, and had good massage, was asked if i wanted hard or soft, opted for hard. 1 hr (£40) full oil massage head to toe, turned over and same again. HR was offered for £20 which was acepted, only touching was allowed of outer clothing no tits out, but made me shoot like a porn star. would i go again, maybe as massage was good. I suppose it depends on the time of day / week that you go to see who is working.

Offline Nipper2

Just returned after a very pleasant & enjoyable 30 minutes massage. The girl, who said her name was Cary (?) was nice if not anything special. Good Thai oil massage, with good HE to finish. Touching allowed, but only through clothes. £30 for massage & a further £20 for HE. I was happy to pay both, and if doing a full review would rate as positive....... It's just for a tenner more, I could've had an hour at Cara's..... Ok no touching allowed there, but massage far superior as well as the HE... I know where I'll go next time.  ;)

Offline dodo11

Have been here before also, the same spent £30 plus £20 for 30 minutes massage and HE, the girl did about 5 -10 minutes quick massage, then offer a HE, so finally £50 for the 30 minutes. Now come back to Cara, £40 for proper massage, less rushed, much better value for money.

Offline gary1234567

This week new girl she say she 28 year old but look more like 36 year old very nice Tits she will do body to body and owo and yes you can give her oral too
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Offline gurtat

I've heard a lot about Cara also from Morriston, but just can not seem to find any contact details. Probably my lack of knowledge, but could someone point me in the right direction please.

Offline DevilD

Try googling Best Swansea Asian Massage.....

What are the contact details for the new place in Morriston?

Offline Prowler

trust me see cara, her massage is awesome and the HR is explosive

Did he find a tranny there or his own dick?

Ha... sorry, I'm a total serial masturbator, I very rarely leave the house as I cannot stop Wanking (over 20 per day) and when the lads write a review it sets me off and have to crack one or three in the space of an hr, I gave up punting over a year and a half ago as I was knocking out punts 4 per week for the last 4-5 years, since I went into bankruptcy I exchanged one addiction for another, 'wanking', I've bought myself a false arm the other day and it's brilliant, feels like the real thing that another hand is wanking me off, I've worn out my real arm.

Online HughJardon

This is where your all hiding  :unknown:

I was up Swansea on the weekend, tapping up a bit of Civvie Ass. I did check punting out whilst away on the crapper & this popped out near the Harbour in Swansea. May have been called Aroma massage

Thanks for the review DD more positive venues need to be identified more so in Swansea

Offline gurtat

Try googling Best Swansea Asian Massage.....
Thanks for that, will report back when i get a chance.

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