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Author Topic: dutch delight Kim???  (Read 2435 times)

Offline mystery7

Morning fella's. Was wondering if anyones ever seen Dutch delight Kim? Tried to find her, but to no avail :unknown:
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I'm adding her to my hotlist.  :cool:

If today is her last day in Birmingham, do you know what town she usually works in?

Online CoolTiger

Have not tracked her, but she was recommended to me on the basis that she was in Bham.
Add her to your Hot List, that way you can't lose her and can then also track which cities she ends up visiting.

Offline thequery

I met Kim 2 years ago. Definitely recommended. Very stunning girl and great to fuck!

Really wanted to see her when I saw she was back but couldn't agree on a time :(

Still, keep an eye out for her. She is one not to be missed.

Offline thequery

Oh, I suppose this may be obvious but she ain't Dutch. Claimed to be Hungarian at the time I met her. Not like it mattered anyway

Offline Wayang

There must be a better way of posting good FRs and no go WGs that we have her.

PN is easy in many ways and just it is PN there is no reason not to copy

Offline mystery7

Cheers guys. Not gonna be able to make Brum. But i'll catch her at her next destination. Cheers again :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Abusive + Obsessing over prossie

Offline kundalini

Mancspunter saw her when she was in Manchester. She also had several comments, and possibly reports too, on another forum, some positive, others suggesting a minimal, unenthusiastic service on offer (either no or not much kissing, no owo, restricted penetration/not deep); guess it depends what mood she's in. His report is:


Offline kundalini

Comments from another forum, 6 members seem to have seen her in spring/summer 2011. Her AW profile name has changed a few times.

1) "I wouldn't bother again after meeting her earlier this evening.
From the outset I struggled to get more than half my cock in her due to her constantly positioning herself to make penetration difficult.
When I asked if there was a problem she said she was sore as I'm too big and she's tight.
Now King Dong I ain't, not exactly small either, and have never had this problem before.
Could be she's just over done it a bit lately and was genuinely sore but if that is the case she should have cancelled.

On the plus side she is rather good looking and gave decent covered oral - OWO  not offered and I didn't ask.

NOT recommended."

2) "I saw her in her place about 2 weeks ago. She's really beautiful and has a nice personality. She does oral with (at least she didn't do OWO to me). She's probably the tightest I've ever seen. Well that's a plus for me. She has a nice body. I'd certainly recommend."

3) "Try Hungarian, not Dutch. Add to it there will be 'someone else' in another room in the apartment. Add to it a very pared down service. Add to it she's over here for a few weeks working herself into the ground in order to pay for med school and you get one pretty but unenthused girl. I pitied her and left after half an hour. Nice to talk to but in wrong profession (albeit part-time)."

4) "She's back again this time as DutchDelight_Kim and this time I got to see her. I think she's very good indeed and I can't fault her service. Delightful, pretty, tiny and a real turn on."

5)"I saw her when she was in birmingham, paid £130 for the hour - poor service in every way. BTW, she's not dutch, she told me she was hungarian, although I doubt she is even that. I got the 'tip' service - the way she positioned herself meant I only just got the tip in, I'm not hung like king dong either! As some of the other posters have already said, she was totally disinterested. One of my worst punts.

I'd avoid like the plague."

6) "I saw her a little while back and she was very uninterested and when I tried to make conversation with her it was very short answers.

Oral was covered and when I was actually having sex with her she just kept her hand down there so I could't go all the way in.

Very disappointed in the punt"

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