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Author Topic: Muka Girl Fife  (Read 1353 times)

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Offline 1more1

I had a day leave left to take from work last week so thought I'd try to find someone local and went for this "girl"

https://www.adultwork.com/3261968 or https://www.adultwork.com/Muka+Girl

I've been to this flat in burnt island a couple of times before and its never the girl in the picture as has been said on here before but has always been a pretty girl and still worth a try considering how dry fife is. But last week after another punt fell threw I thought I'd give it a try. Com's went well but when I got there (on time) no answer on her phone, then after about 10 min when I'm just about to leave she texts saying she is in the shower and she will be another 15 min, 15 min came and went and as I'm about to leave again I get a text to come up. Got to the door and she does the hiding behind the door thing so I can't get a good look at her, now with her back to me leads me to the room and must have forgot the light was on. She reaches to switch it off I get a look at her face and holly shit! She looks about 50 and with that smack head look about her so I did the blacksmith thing and made a bolt for the door.

I think oabout half the punts I've had have been a switch and about half of them I've turned and ran with the other half being still worth the pop.

As a last resort I tried vivastreet and found a Brazilian in kirkcaldy who looked nice, com's all good till I got to the door and no answer, tried phone and no answer. Back to the car and my phone went she said she took the booking for her friend who was still out shopping. Why the fk not tell me that when I called from the street to get the house number.

All in all a complete waste of a day off work.

2 review(s) found for Oriental lucky linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline jambogaz

...That's Fife

Seriously though, why do we Fifers bother. If we fancy oriental it's simple. 

Slightly more mature go for Katie, younger go for Leena.  Easy.

I hit the same joints as you do though bud,  hoping for a superstar that no-one has discovered yet.  Really, why do we continue with these idiots?

'I am a student. I recently moved from Cambridge to Burntisland".  :cool: :D. Yeah, because that's what all Cambridge students do.  Bet she's studying at Burntisland university now. 

Seriously though, completely un-fuckin-believeable profile.

Offline bigmike32

Ive fancied trying one of those asian birds in the island but cant as i know people there and they know theres a brothel above a pub.

Offline Friskyfifer

The pub is closed now, the chippy bought it to extend...
Fife is shit for punting with exception of Leena & Scarlett!

Offline bigmike32

Yeah i heard the pub is closed but the wg girl flat will be above the new chippy. And i agree there is nothing here in fife punting wise. I like the look of missbanks though.

Offline Friskyfifer

Missbanks is hard to get a hold of and she stays leven/glenrothes to me that is junkie central...
Body looks a 10 but a face is needed... You TOFTT?

Offline bigmike32

Yeah she is on the list and im defo going to see her. But tomorrow im in glasgow and trying to arrange a punt.

I don't believe Miss Banks is a junkie, but the word is she likes a bit of coke, that's alluded to on her profile too.

Offline 1more1


new fife talent, if there was a number I would have a pop

Offline bigmike32

Looks good hopefully she has more pics to come.

Offline Jake1980

That's a PG scam if ever I've saw one

If she's real which I very much doubt the fact that her location says Kirkcaldy / Glenrothes makes me think she's Romanian as the 6 or 7 Romanians kicking about Fife the now have the same thing on their profile

Offline bigmike32

Yeah it looks like a scam ive emailed asking what area she is in but doubt i will get a reply. Also the profile is better spelled than most romanian profiles.

I saw Miss Banks about a year ago when she was posting as Kerri Banks. It was a Sunday afternoon & I had a dose of the hangover horn. Usually I'm all over Leena like a rash but she wasn't working on the Sunday - thought I'd have a punt with 'Kerri Banks'. Comms were superb until I was outside the flat - in fairness it's in the nicer part of Leven just across from the entrance to Diageo. New build apartment & well kept. I must have waited about an hour & swapped umpteen texts with her before I got the door number etc. I reckon she was as hungover as me & that led to the bad comms.

The punt was ok, nothing brilliant but served its purpose on that day. Started off with DFK & some touchy felt, OWO & then doggy, mish & ended up cumming on her superb tits. Any other day & I'd not be happy paying the £80 for half an hour. Superb rack, lovely tits & I'd say around 24/25 when I saw her. I can see the comparison with Michelle Keegan as stated in the profile. I wouldn't say she was a ringer but still pretty & friendly enough. Reckon Miss Banks thinks she's more high class than she actually is but in hindsight id slap a £60 price tag on her for half an hour.

Offline bigmike32

Those tits look superb and she is on the list. In leven charging 80 for hh is a bit risky though as leven is a junkie area and there are cheaper options in kdy and glenrothes.

Offline bigmike32

We certainly are. But the magic city of edinburgh with its saunas etc is close by.

Offline Allnewman

In York know is she any good

I wouldn't have thought so buddy.  You know, what with his being a negative review and all.

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