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Author Topic: Kristen2 - Bournemouth  (Read 1021 times)

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Offline fairfield


Thought hard about posting this review as this WG is a friendly, intelligent, classy LADY. Sadly for me for me that was part of the problem and the episode does make me look a knob end. ..but promised myself I can only improve my punts if I face up to them. And maybe it will help prepare a fellow punter. So here goes...

Comms, finding the venue, and parking went all too smoothly. Did confirm with her first that her nipples wernt too sensitive, as I like fairly heavy boob play. Guess got lulled into a false sense of security.
Met at door by statuesque blonde in sexy lingerie, prolly mid-fifties but very attractive and younger looking face.
Led to lounge for a meet and greet. I chose the intimate 2 seater sofa but she selected the 3 seater halfway across room. Shd have taken charge and asked her to come over but was already sensing this ladys natural sense of authority.
There followed 25 minute conversation. Very friendly but it did feel a bit like an older Lady Sybil interviewing an underfootman - only I was more like Carson(without his gravitas.) And was so aware all my time was ticking away.
Eventually was led to the bedroom. Upstairs/Downstairs theme sort of continued here. Tho her pics show climbing stairs, i only rated the downstairs bedroom. Maybe i failed the interview and got the tradesman's digs? Actually it turned out to be the cats' 'basket'!!!
Curiously at the doorway, she asked - "Do you like cats?"  Ofc i said yes. If it was gonna move the punt on - i wd have said i liked lil' green men and pink elephants too. But there was a cat sleeping on 'my' pillow and Kristen explained that this room was where her cats lived. At least the cat had the grace to scoot when i sat on the bed.

Now i got the impression that Kristen is very accomplished sexually. There were times when she used her mouth and body much more easily and sensually than the previous WGs i have seen. Sadly refinements like that are lost on me. Biggest disappointment was the usual 'sensitive' nipples ploy to stop real boob play. And i did feel manoeuvred to prevent deep penetration. And three times was stopped cold by a very sharp smell. Each time the thought ran thru my mind - is that me? you? the cats? or previous punter? I came fairly quickly in mish and left soon after. The cats bed/basket isn't the best place for post coital convo.

Now I do hold myself 50% to blame here. If you can meet this classy, articulate experienced woman on at least equal terms (and rate being allowed upstairs), then i suspect that she can show you a very good time. Me, i was lucky to get a cats lick of a punt.   


1 review(s) found for Kristen2 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Sorry to hear you had a crap punt. You live and learn.
You guys in Bournemouth have my sympathies.

Offline nigel4498

You guys in Bournemouth have my sympathies.
Accessing from Sweden today.

Offline fairfield

                     - thx for the support and not laughing. Prolly more me than the WGs. I was certainly out of my depth that time. And it seems that if they can get away with it, then they will. Do need to wise up fast, can't keep wasting money.
But must admit, when first saw the cats, i had moments alarm - are they gonna feature in the punt?

                  - Sweden's a bit too far for an awayday for me. Hope you are having a good time there. My advice - steer clear of any cats

Offline fairfield

New profile -

Look, my useless punt was 8 months ago (and this conceited wg may have turned over a new leaf) - but the general advice has been to post the new link.
So over to yourselves my fellow punters, make of it what you will. 

Offline buccdriver

Thought she'd called it a day!! Saw her about 4 or 5 years ago  :thumbsdown: and she obviously hasn't improved. Was more into domination than gfe, so not surprising that you were disappointed

.....and then there's the bloody cats!!

You guys in Bournemouth have my sympathies.

You would think it would be a good place for prossies, especially in the summer.

Offline mwalston

its a shame most are well overpriced compared to most areas and not much choice around here now

Offline mwalston

alot of those so called italians portugese etc when infact they are romanian working from hotels in bournemouth now all the pictures look too good to be true


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