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Author Topic: sophie heart / casablanca rose ...eastleigh .  (Read 839 times)

Has anyone heard anything of this lady from Eastleigh ...Sophie Heart aka Casablanca Rose .....seems to have gone of the radar as lately . Small petite mature lady with big boobs and very long black ...Thanks Superduck .....

Offline Hantsolo

Any more clues? Thats all a bit vague!

Offline nigel4498

That's round about my manor and I've never heard of her.

Offline Chewits

Never heard of her? Anymore details?

Offline nigel4498

OP made the same post in October last year.
In deleted posts.

Offline dantheman

Nope, can't say that I have.
Banning reason: Already given another chance for creating multiple accounts + Obsessed with certain prossie + Now making up some bollocks reason to ask Admin for email addresses of other UKP members who post about same prossie, despite them not having logged in for years

Offline mwalston

yes i know who you are talking about, she was very skinny and her boobs were bigger than her frame very out of proportion yes she quit last year

Offline iwilllol

Is a great shame she quit, here's hoping she will one day make a return.

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