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Author Topic: Sexy English Alex - Norwich tour (incall)  (Read 648 times)

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Offline SaneOnes

https://www.adultwork.com/2795805 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+English+Alex

Communication: Texted her first to sort out a half hour meet in the late afternoon on Wednesday just gone. Once we agreed on a time, she asked me to call her to confirm the booking. All was done smoothly.

Location: It was the Holiday Inn next to the carrow rd stadium. Of course you have to pass the reception as this particular Holiday Inn has only one entrance. I parked at Morrisons car park.

Description: Had the urge all morning, so, after finding both my regular and the usual plan B to be unavailable I thought I'd try my luck and search for someone new in the area. Alex happened to be touring Norwich last week. After going through her profile I was ready for a vanilla punt as i just needed to pump and dump as soon as possible. I called her 10 minutes before the punt so that she could give me her room number. She did that and also instructed me as to how to get to her room. She appeared to be ever so helpful and friendly over the phone as well as in person. She is definitely the lady in her profile (and free gallery) pics barring one pic (the pic with her in white wet t-shirt was obviously taken when she was a lot slimmer). She is  by means fat, not at all but she is more a milf-type lady in her late 30s. She had black lingerie on similar to whatever she had on in the pics.

She seemed very eager to put me at ease right away and was probably a bit cocksure of herself without appearing arrogant. She's obviously been doing this for a while as she wasted no time in getting undressed. She had natural tits with dark nipples, a first for me, which was probably down to her Cuban heritage. We spent a few seconds admiring each other's skin (she started it!) until i was offered a drink.  I then gave her the money for half hour before telling her I wanted a shower. Came out of the shower to find her laying in bed with an inviting look in her eyes. She was really into touching and stroking whilst kissing, it all moved naturally. I moved down to her tits and licked and sucked on her nipples for a while until she noticed the precum on my cock. She then started to suck my cock, it was slow and with varied tongue motions. She was probably just getting started but I couldn't be bothered so asked her to lie on her back so I can taste her cunt for a while. Licked her out for a couple of minutes till I felt that I was at my hardest so I asked her to get a condom. She put it on me using her mouth, sucked me again for a minute or so till I ask her to bend over. She was on all fours in the bed as I entered her from behind. After a few slow strikes I got a good rhythm going, she was ok with me spanking her as well. Fucked her like that for about 4-5 minutes till I asked her to lie on her back so I could fuck her as I felt those big tits, so that was another 5 minutes or so when I felt like I was about to cum so I cuddled her as I kept pounding her silly till I had an explosive, much needed orgasm. She didn't push me away so took my time to unmount then she cleaned/wiped me off as they do. Had a quick look at my watch to find that we went over by 4 minutes. Had a quick chat whilst getting dress after declining the offer of another shower. She kissed me goodbye.

Overall: Alex is a very well spoken, friendly milf who is an extremely good kisser. But in the end it will always feel like a vanilla punt without an edge, so, if you are ok with a vanilla punt with a sexy milf, then she is definitely worth a go. That's all I wanted on the day, hence the positive.


3 review(s) found for Alex_Hamilton_UK linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline uutarn

Cheers sane.

I did check out her profile and was pondering it but i seem to be stuck (voluntarily) on regulars at the moment.

Them titties look nice though, glad you had a good one.  :thumbsup:

Offline SaneOnes

Thanks, mate. Yeah, me too have been only seeing my regulars a couple of times a month but neither of them was available on that particular day. I do have plans to see someone new next week - this one is a proven reputable touring girl who I have been meaning to see for a long time but just kept missing her whenever she had been in the area.

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