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Author Topic: Natalie of Gracies  (Read 763 times)

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As requested I will do a review regarding Natalie of Gracies.

Firstly comms was very good,phoned up and agency texted the address straight away and instructions..Location is very good in Norton.Safe free place to park in car park.
Entered the flat and was greeted by Natalie with a lovely kiss. I had brought her some chocolates which I tend to do.Natalie is a very pretty blonde,tall(five foot 11 inches tall),lovely blue eyes and nice warm smile.Natalie has a few discreet tattoos.Aged between 22-26 years old.

I asked to use the bathroom prior to our encounter.From  what I could see the flat/apartment was very clean and tidy.Paperwork then sorted.

From the start there was lots of kissing(DFK) and this went on for sometime and lots of rolling about and cuddling.I then performed oral on her which she really seemed to enjoy,nice shaven sweet tasting pussy.

Natalie then performed OWO on myself.Lots of ball licking and plenty of eye contact.It was at this point that I knew I was going to explode,so on with the condom and sex was in the missionary position.

I then got cleaned up and we chatted for a while.

So essentially overall it was an excellent GFE for myself with a stunning blonde.Certainly worth the visit.

The encounter just happened naturally she did not ask what I liked.I get the impression that those of you more kinkier and adventurous than myself would be in luck and Natalie would reciprocate.

Natalie mentioned she used to work for the previous agency.Did not say which one.I assume it could be NNE.Natalie did not mention the previous name she went by.

To conclude I would recommend. Overall a very good experience.

Offline Blackhawk

Having read previous threads I would still like to definitively know - was Natalie not formerly Grace of Diamonds of Diamonds?

Online Winker121

Says she has blue eyes. Grace has brown. Question answered I think.

Offline Looking4fun

She looks great but is she 5'11 or 5'8 like her agency profile states?

Maths was never my strong point looking 4 fun.But to clarify I would say she was in my estimation closer to 5' 11''.Natalie has a slim toned body as well.I don't think you would be disappointed.

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