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Author Topic: Linda Brazilian Baby (Currently in Oxford)  (Read 704 times)

Offline Lewis

https://www.adultwork.com/3362451 or https://www.adultwork.com/LINDA+BRAZILIAN+BABY

Please be aware that the advertised rate is for only her basic services.

If you want OWO, that's another £20, CIM, add yet another £20. The list goes on.

I asked whether she also charged for French kissing, "sometimes" was the reply. What sort of answer was that? Either she does or she doesn't!

Needless to say I didn't bother with this one, not once she started reeling off additional prices for this, prices for that.

Why not simply include them in your profile to save wasting everyone's time?

Offline Pajero

have you actually seen her?

I have called her and another girl, I believe Carolina, told me they shared the number. She told me linda would be available at 1pm and I went to see her in an awful place in Tooting. When I arrived, receiving instructions from this other girl on the phone, she asked me to ring the bell and then another girl opened the door. I asked for Linda and she told me she was busy, and asked me to go to the single mattress on the floor right in front of the door. I left the place immediately being sure I was scammed. It all looked as bait and switch.

I found this site with the same pictures of Linda: http://www.reddooragency.co.uk/profiles/linda-31.html

I was wondering if someone actually saw this girl.

Offline Lewis

have you actually seen her?

I didn't bother wasting any more of my time after she started reeling off prices for this, prices for that, during the phone conversation I had with her.

have you actually seen her?

IShe told me linda would be available at 1pm......... I asked for Linda and she told me she was busy,
I was wondering if someone actually saw this girl.

Simple answer NO, have not seen her. So am no help to you.

Had a very similar experience in Oxford, with the 'busy at the moment', however, 'replacement' was drop-dead-gorgeous (don't think she has her own profile), never got her name.

As the place was a very upmarket, clean spot in Headington, I immediately let the little man speak and the Brazilian performed miracles. Pity she could not speak a word of English.
Never demanded anything for extras (and as far as memory goes, OWO was performed without hesitation - one of my pre-requisites)

As this was one of my (very limited) success stories with an unknown, I always keep an eye for the Brazilian/Portuguese in the area (of Headington) as I may possibly strike it lucky again
and up the success rate.

See my review of the same experience at the same location. Part of the same mob, with similar profiles of a busty, very sexy, girl-next-door type.
Never got to see either Linda or similar looking one

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