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Cost: £180
Duration: 1hour
Location: Paddington

Zuza was actually my plan C.  I had a booking with another WG who called sick on the day so I had little time whilst at work to arrange an alternative. No WG on my AW hot list were available at short notice so decided to plum for an agency girl.  Wanted to see Caroline(who I believe shares flat with) but she wasnt available.  Remember reading good reports on Zuza and decided to go with her.

The place was modern block of apartments with concierge in reception. I arrived 5-10mins late as I got a bit lost. Zuza opened the door and greeted me with a kiss.  She's tall - around 5'10, pics are very photoshopped but I still found her attractive and wanted to go through with it as I was really in the mood having saved up 4 days worth. 

I was offered a shower which I accepted and some water - paper work sorted.
I returned from the bathroom to the room which I found was a little messy.

Anyway onto the action. Zuza pounced on me and we were DFK.  Lovely. She is quite aggressive and raunchy which took me by suprise. I was soon on my back on the bed lots more DFK, kissing around neck and ear. She then asked if I'd like OWO or OW - opted for OWO. 
She was very good at this lots of tongue action to the shaft and balls. The then lubed up my cock and then gave me and tit massage which left lovely and then more OWO again. I originally wanted to finish with CIM, but after few mins I changed my mind. She reminded me at this point we had 5mins left. On with the condom and Zuza rode me cow girl to very satisfying finish.

Offered another shower which I accepted. Returned to the room and this was the first time during the punt we had some sort of conversion. Her English is ok - not been around here long.  She's going on break for couple weeks during March and returning.  Left with some polish chocolates, quick glance at the watch and left the flat with 5mins of the original allocated hour to spare.
Saw a glimpse of Caroline waiting the bathroom who looked hot!

Positives: very enthusiastic girl with great service. She kept me rock hard for the whole session which I found impressive.

Negatives: Photoshoped pics, bit of clock watching.