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Author Topic: Petite Sami - Arsenal  (Read 2190 times)

21 review(s) for PETITE SAMI (10 positive, 4 neutral, 7 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Sami flies back and forth between Poland and London, working here for a week at a time seemingly about once a month. She told me she'd be here permenantly from May onwards.

I saw her earlier this week on her most recent visit. Called her in the evening to book for the next day, she said she'd be free from 4 and I put myself down for a two hour meet - £200. She texted me her postcode then and asked me to make an official booking through adultwork and text in the morning to confirm, which I did. However, for some reason my texts weren't appearing to go through on the next day, so I called her again to confirm. Friendly and pleasent manner over the phone and confirmed she had seen my booking, which included a request for a schoolgirl outfit.

I arrived at Arsenal station 10 minutes before 4 and called to let her know I had arrived. She said to wait for a few minutes and texted me her full address and directions at 4:05. Her place was a 3 minute walk from the station and she buzzed me into a small house, the lobby seen in her profile photo (the one with the black iron staircase). Sami's very cute indeed, tiny in stature (the listed 5ft2 is generous, if anything), and the photos are very accurate. No makeup but attractive without it. She wasn't wearing a schoolgirl uniform as requested, instead a neglige. She was positive and friendly and led me up the staircase (clearly with the intention of allowing me a look at her lovely little ass, which was practically in my face) to the bedroom. Agreed on time, paid, asked her to change into the schoolgirl uniform which she happily agreed to and did so while I hopped in the shower to freshen up.

A word of warning: the ceiling above the staircase is low. Watch your head!

The Meet

She was kicking her feet on the bed when I returned. She looked adorable. She sat me down next to her and proceeded to talk about herself, asked me questions while I put an arm around her and began stroking her leg. She stopped being chatty almost immediately after I kissed her and until I came a while later, at which point she resumed the happy chatty thing. Friendly girl.

Kissing is not DFK, not FK. A few soft lip kisses and then she pulls away, but she was more than happy to have me kiss her neck and shoulders (which are really lovely, very slender). Then we stand up and she sits me on a chair beside the bed and sits ass-down on my dick (I'm still in underpants) and starts grinding against me. Naturally Sami's body type and height is one to satisfy a particular perverted fantasy and I have to say she was doing a bang-up job of that. No roleplay though, to be clear.

I turn her around, loop her hands around my neck and easily pick her up off the floor. I lie backwards onto the bed with her ontop and she grinds away. I start playing with her surprisingly large breasts - they're full natural Cs. There was some chatter on UKP about her having a baby last year, and they still looked good to me. Nice shape. I like having my nipples kissed, which she dutifully does. I was enjoying myself, hugging her very slim body against my chest as she did so, humping away.

I go down on her, she's got a lovely fresh pussy. She goes down on me, and oral was covered - she doesn't do OWO. She tries to take it deep and gags herself but it's not a pornstar style experience at all - soft and gentle treatment, just a couple of inches. She goes low, sucks and nuzzles at my balls (and shyly says she doesn't lick "down there" while I spread my legs to get more comfortable - something I was well aware of, I reassured her!). I take her head in my hands and pull her face to nuzzle the base of my dick and balls, and (very gently) move her head up and down on my dick/hold her in place while I (very gently) fuck her mouth.

I ask her to ride me and she lubes up and says we can only do it very gently due to the size of my dick (I'm on the above average side of length and girth). She climbs on and starts riding slowly, really sexy. She does this very quick shallow bouncing manouver a couple of times and I tell her to go slow instead, which she does. Flip over to missionary and she puts her feet behind my back. She's fairly obviously acting with the facial expressions and sounds, but I'm fine with that - at least she's making an effort. Real reaction when I go too deep though, and I quickly find the sweet spot of depth that's comfortable for her.

So we fuck and even though I can't go balls deep in her I find a nice pace. Flip to doggy and again find the sweet spot - no pounding away slamming her hips for me. Though considering the size of my dick and the size of Sami, I had assumed as much going into this, so wasn't an issue for me. Pace is good, I cum, she brings out the tissues and we cuddle and chat until round two. That's a whole bunch of more perverted-fantasy foreplay and enjoying her body before a quick blowjob (covered, natch) and a fuck, slightly more vigorous this time.

It's suddenly 6pm and she asks if I want her to join me in the shower. I very much do and we get all soaped up and wash each other's bodies - very nice. I get dressed, give her a kiss, leave.

Final Thoughts

A very soft and gentle GFE, made moreso by the problematic size of my dick (it's a curse, I know). And that's exactly what I was in the mood for, really - a friendly attitude coupled with a body type straight out of my most perverted fantasies, and playing with her as such. Spent 80% of it in dirty uncle mode, different from the more active punts I usually go for. Shame about the lack of DFK/FK, but can't have it all.

See her if you want to indulge your seedier side and play around with a really adorable little girl type. Don't see her if you want to really get your fuck on - she's too much a good little girl for that.
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21 review(s) found for PETITE SAMI linked to in above post (10 positive, 4 neutral, 7 negative)

She's already on my HL but like Spicy Julia if I can't pound her it's not for me....I'm out :sarcastic:

Online Cunning Punt

Thanks for the detailed, informative review.

Glad you had a good time, though with no FK or OWO, I shan't be going through her door.

It's up to escorts what services they do/don't provide, though it does annoy me when East European WGs claim on their profile to do FK when they don't.

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