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Author Topic: Paradise Studio - Sheffield  (Read 1332 times)

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Offline Eeyore

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Paradise Studios, Furnival Road, Sheffield.

Well after some advise that Sheffield is a poor area for entertaining Gentlemen I decided during a three days business trip to visit Paradise which I had visited two years before.
From The Hilton Hotel it is only a five minutes walk which was an added attraction.
Other than a small bit of work outside the main building it looked as I remembered it inside and out.

During the day I was told three girls are on but after 9pm it's around ten but with £10 entrance fee. You can stay as long as you like, up to closing time (which I did one night)
What I like about this place is that there is totally no pressure to pick a girl, you get very briefly introduced to the ladies in a matter of fact way and it's then left up to you. I sat drinking a soft drink for the first 3/4 hr watching the ladies and men, for some reason it provided me with entertainment although action with the ladies was better!

The atmosphere I really like, it is half brothel, half night club with single men of groups of men sitting around looking at the girls, looking at mobiles, out smoking etc, very surreal.
Rooms were spacious and clean, decent showers but I didn't use the VIP rooms.
The music is loud and it was quite hot but as they wear practically nothing who was I to complain. The ladies behind the bar were nice and helpful although much better the second night I went.

The standard of the girls varies in looks and service but after several "helpings" I didn't receive a bad service. Mostly it was a very good service, one occasion was mediocre but two of the  ladies, can't remember both names but Angel a black girl was one of them was totally excellent.
There were a number of EE girls which I know not everyone likes but the two I saw were very willing to please me.

The type of service did vary from girl to girl. I was Offered OWO once but never asked for it, however Toys, Dominiation, anal play, R/O were offered by some of the ladies.
As you probably have guessed I had several ladies throughout the course of the night and the following night.

I'm glad in a way I don't live nearby as it could get out of hand !
Prices £40 30mins and £80 an hour is for me very cheap as I punt down south where prices are less generous.
The only tip I would give is to book a 30 minute slot because you can always "extend" if you want and if the girl knows there's a possibility you might extend they tend to put an extra effort in, well that was my experience.

Negatives: The music is very loud although you adjust to it. Being a uniform fancier I was disappointed none were available. No alcohol, just soft drinks. Not all stunners but more than presentable with a few beauties among them.

Positives: Excellent value, great atmosphere and a relaxed no rush policy.

Hopefully this read will be of some use to someone, unfortunately I don't usually do write ups as you can see I pretty crap at it.

I was told there are normally  15+ girls working 15 meant quantity  not age according  to a once famous  footballer :lol:

Offline Tricks

Thanks for the review. I've not been for years, but might have to pay them a visit :hi:

Offline Eeyore

I was told there are normally  15+ girls working 15 meant quantity  not age according  to a once famous  footballer :lol:

On the evenings I went there certainly wasn't fifteen girls. I must admit I didn't count them but at most it was twelve although ten is probably more accurate.

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