Author Topic: Chloe - Peachy Escorts (South Kensington SW7)  (Read 2082 times)

Duration: £150 for 1hr

Location: South Kensington

Looks: Blew me away on this, she's petite and facially a solid 9 though she does look a little different from her pics - it's still her - but she was more "porn star" looking in real life, not sure how to explain this really, could be the make-up or maybe the hair tied up - body was exactly the same (solid 9) wrapped up in the school girl outfit I requested including a very sexy choker, she had spectacular breasts, very full and firm without even a bit off sag. Suffice to say, I was rock hard the instance I saw her.

Session unfortunately was a bit subdued, she doesn't seem to like kissing though didn't turn away either - started with some nice OWO which moved onto 69, on with the mac and started with her on top, missionary, doggie and finishing with her face down. Had nice eye contact through-out but overall I didn't think her heart was in it, though she's a sweet girl and you can tell she was trying. She was fully compliant with everything I asked, even nice about it, but in way, it didn't feel very interactive, felt like she was just doing whatever I said (yes first world problems ha). Went for a nice massage and then onto round two, but just didn't have that "zing" to pop me back up again, she was working hard on OWO to work me up but didn't feel very sensual, thinking perhaps I just needed a break so spent some time giving her oral to see if that would help but no luck, she kinda kept on moving at the point she was going to cum so didn't manage to finish her either, so just had a small relatively awkward chat (she is really quiet and shy), took a shower and left.

Overall if I paid for 30 minute punt for the first half it would a positive experience, she's a breathtakingly hot girl, sweet and a good shag, but just lacking in general charm/charisma which is what I need for a longer session, especially to get me up for pop number 2. As a GFE kinda guy this is neutral for me but she could be a positive for someone else.

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thanks for the review - always good to have some agency reviews. Would you say she was better looking than Ava of the same agency?

Objectively yes she is, I did a review of Ava and rated her an 8.5 for looks facially though really not much between the two as once you get to an 8 you're generally beautiful and the rest is preference - Chloe has a more "porn star" look whilst Ava looks more classy - however based on performance, it's not really a contest, I'd go for Ava any day...