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Author Topic: Anyone fukcorbyn? Not Harman:  (Read 580 times)

Offline Ben4454

Prostitution is a violence towards women? Thats funny. In my 10 years of punting 97% of the working girls i have seen took the money smiling!

Although Harriet keep looking for street working herion addicts who no one wants to see to help your case.

The people you are after are Romanian brothel pimps and gangs. These are the ones trafficking people in. Although since you don't understand the industry you choose to want to criminalise everyone.

But then again -- the war on drugs was a great victory for the government wasn't it?

What harriet needs to do is look at the sex industry from a broader perspective. interview people who you are not finding off the street. See how happy these girls are. When you drive them underground this sex work will get a lot more dangerous for everyone involved.
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Offline Matrix

Ironic how her and her parties policies have enabled this "violence" against women due to them letting hundred of thousands, if not millions of ee's over here. I wonder what the number of "trafficked" native women is. It will of happened but must be minute. Actually, perhaps they should arrest themselves for trafficking.

It's not so long ago she was involved in a p.i.e campaign to lower the age of consent to 10. Fucking nutcase, as is anyone who votes for her.

Her and her husband have the moral fibre of Sunday morning diarrhea.
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This came up on Any Questions on Radio 4. What's interesting is the general flailing about regarding the topic. Harman has long been completely anti, it's almost an obsession with her, but other politicians sidestep. Eg; "I support personal liberty and choice but........I'm a Catholic." Or some such nonsense.

As has been said, prohibition doesn't work. I welcome the time, if it ever comes, when there's German style clubs in London.

The only party, Harriet Harman aside, who will ever be inclined to liberalise the law on prostitution is the Labour Party but they now have a bearded fuck wit as leader who stands even less chance than Miliband.

And the Lib Dems? Be serious.  :dash:

So we wait. And wait. Prostitution will always be a back burner issue.

So what actually happens in Northern Ireland. Are AW contacts safe from old bill?

There is also an Irish punting site which I used when visiting the Republic. Does that include Northern Ireland?

Offline Ben4454

I think a good question is has the ban in n.i protected sex workers like it has in Sweden? You guys might want to look at the Swedish escort murders.
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Offline Marmalade

So what actually happens in Northern Ireland.  the Republic.

I am imagine it maybe goes something like . . .

What time do you want a booking? 
7.30 please.
How long do you want?
An hour'll be fine.
And are you catholic or protestant?
I'm an atheist.
Are you a catholic atheist or a protestant atheist?

Aye, it's a fine country so it is. Anyone been recently and seen if the polis station (favourite tourist landmark) is still surrounded by a high wall and barbed

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