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Author Topic: mature kensington escorts  (Read 4243 times)

Offline horsa

I have always had trouble finding a good milf and now THINK i have come across a reputable agency in mature kensington escorts, i have read a few bits on here regarding price rises - put price rises to the side for a moment, how do they fair as an agency on the whole? (services and attitude etc). Also are any of the girls independent and have aw pages?


Offline sonyvaio

The venue is very nice, in fact the nicest appartment I have ever been to,  and the service has always been good, not been for a fair while though, so things may have changed. Never felt rushed whilst I've been there.

I phoned them recently and the woman answering was cagey about directions, underestimating distances and not being as frank as she ought to be, so I called it off - I would have ended up substantially delayed by the time I got to the right road.

Offline endomorph

They are close to W14 0RR. Be warned their pricing structure is for basic services. They expect extra payment for extra services.
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Offline horsa

They are close to W14 0RR. Be warned their pricing structure is for basic services. They expect extra payment for extra services.

Its a shame as some girls in the pictures look so hot, even with face blanked out

Offline jstrongerrrrr

saw Jeanette on Friday - 45 min session - great apartment, two girls working with one maid who answers the phones - two great bedrooms, one spotless shower room and decent comms - saw me at short notice....jeanette looks like her photos, only negative was she's a smoker and I could taste it while dfk....plus side she's a great shag, passionate kisser, friendly, lots of dirty talk, very good slow owo, ro and fingering allowed and I was so horny I came after a few mins of hammering away at her in missionary..I think thats a recommendation - also no extras were mentioned.
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Offline charlie sheen

Used to got there a few years ago, location is very nice and the apartment was great. However half hour rates have gone from 60 to 80 to 100p/h which is too much.
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For me it's the best in London and well worth regular vists if you are prepared to pay the increased prices which I am not.

I've always been interested on trying this place.

Does anyone know if Diana has an AW profile or works anywhere else?


How much was the 45 minute session with jeanette?

Offline jstrongerrrrr

think it was £130 - it says on the website
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Offline jstrongerrrrr

one thing of note - she said the other girl who was working that day had a hygiene problem - she wasn't washing in between clients - which i think is rather revolting!
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Jeanette looks hot, what dress size is she? She doesn't look 55 in pics

Offline jstrongerrrrr

photos are accurate if sightly idealised - would say she's a 12, has huge boobs, bit of a tummy but she's 55, i was pretty happy when i saw her and the service was great.
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Offline Schrock

Hello guys,

I visited them recently and had a 90 minute session with Liana. Location is very nice and clean and the handler was good in communication as well. Pics are definitely photoshopped and Liana was slightly older than her pics but she was great in terms of services and worth every penny spend.

Slim figure with nice tits, good in owo and dfk. Also gave a good massage following by rimming.

Has anyone visited Anita from the same provider??

Reading between the lines, I get the impression they're in some bother. Not only do they seem to have trouble keeping some WGs, at least one of the profiles gves two names for the woman - and when clicking tonight on the 'Schedule' tab on their site, a 404 error came up. I think we would be wise to have back-up plans if visiting.

I've heard that the owner is a bit of a bitch

Offline Plato

Yup - heard she's a bitch too.  Loves to slag off the girls to each other, and doesn't like the British girls!  Probably explains why no-one stays there very long. 

The flat's on the ground floor of quite a nice mansion block - I'm surprised the neighbours haven't managed to get it closed down as they've operated from there for over 5 years,

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