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Author Topic: Aberdeen - G-Ellaxx (Tour)  (Read 636 times)

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Offline jbcl


I met Gabbi whilst she was up in Aberdeen and I can honestly say this was the best punt I have ever had.

I had contacted her a couple of weeks before she was due in Aberdeen when I say that she was going to be travelling up and organised a meet having assumed she was going to be incredibly busy. Organised for an hr incall after work for the first night that she was going to be up, not cheap at 250 for the hour but having read other reviews I was fairly certain it was going to be in for a good time. Good comms with a few emails going back and forth to confirm and on the day of the meet as per her request texted to confirm. Arrived at the hotel she was staying, very well known hotel on Queens Rd that is no where near as busy as it has been in previous years.
Confirmed by text when outside and got her room number and made my way inside, no problems finding the room as I knew my round the place having been there numerous times for drinks and dinners by Gabbi gave good instructions to the room non-the less.

Gabbi was wearing some very sexy lingerie to open the door looked fantastic, her pictures are very much accurate and she was very friendly and chatty. She is very pretty as per her photos and has absolutely fantastic tits. She had a large bag full of "toys" open on display from which I knew I was in for a good time. We sorted out paperwork and having turned on some music she invited me to take a shower which I did, came out to find she had taken her panties off and playing with herself using a vibrator. We started kissing and almost immediately she was on her hands and knees taking me deep down her throat alternating between sucking on my balls and letting me face fuck her. Her bra came off before too long and I almost came immediately at point so awesome they are. I told her to slow down and so she turned me round, bent me over and gave me the best rimming I have ever had spreading my arse to get her tongue right up my hole and then reaching round to wank me off at the same time whilst I reached back to squeeze on her tits. I could have let her lick my arse for the entire hour but I wanted to face fuck her some more and before too long I was I coudln't hold it anymore and exploded over her face and into her mouth.

After a few minutes cleaning up and rest she was back to it, sucking me off getting me hard again and it was on with the rubber, she pulled out a toy which acted as a cock-ring for me which had a probe to penetrate her arse as I fucked her. She got on all fours on the floor in from of a mirror and guided me in to her pussy and the toy into her arse. I pounded away with great eye contact in the mirror (this had also been the case earlier as she deepthroated me) and lots of encouraging moans which I'd like to think were genuine, it was great seeing the toy penetrate her arse as I fucked her pussy and before too long I was unloading inside her.

We had a bit of a longer break this time and I gathered my breathe, she was very chatty wanting to know more about the local area and things to do. Alsohad a bit of a chat about her previous employment at maxes and other girls and the general state of the industry. I said I was feeling ready to go again and with absolutely no hesitation she was on her knees again with my cock in her mouth. Again it was on with the rubber and this time I wanted to fuck her arse and see her tits bounce around. Got her on the bed and got a vibrator from her box of toys and slide in her arse as she played with her clit. She got me to hold her throat as I was fucking her arse and I'm fairly certain she came a few times, later saying she loved to get fucked in the arse. The best bit of this was watching her tits bounce around as I was fucking her. I told her I wanted to cum on her face this time and as I was getting close she dragged me over to the mirror again and after some deep rimming and face fucking pressed her face against the mirror and I again exploded over her again.

The rest of the session was a blur of rimming, face fucking and more anal and I finally came a fourth time again this time in her mouth. I realised we had over run by about 5mins but there was no pressure to get me out the door and she invited me to shower again before I left, which I did (given I was drenched in sweat at this point).

I cant stress enough how great the booking was and in some ways I'm happy Gabbi isn't up here all the time as I would have bankrupted myself by now. It was by far the best session I have ever had, she is a really nice chatty person with a fantastic body, great face and an incredibly dirty mind. She is not cheap but it is we worth every penny and I fully intend to see her again next time I am in London or if she ever makes her way back up here.

Top notch, 100%, full marks!

9 review(s) found for G-Ellaxxx linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Great review but you would have been cheaper doing two 1/2hr punts at £100 = £200 ....rather than £250 she charges per hour  :dash:

Offline Abzfun1

A similar experience to my 10/10 punt which I reviewed not long ago.

She doesn't do half hour meets when on tour.

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