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Author Topic: Greedy girls parties in Nottingham  (Read 2749 times)

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Just done the Greedy girls first party in Long Eaton Nottingham


Having done one of their parties in Walsall last year it was good to see that they were giving Notts a try as Walsall was a bit to far for my liking and having a high ratio of men to women put me off as I'd rather pay a bit extra for lower numbers. But with it being in Notts closer to me I thought I'd give it another go.

Before hand I got talking to fun4chris on UK Escorting who was also going so I described my tattoo to him for if he wanted to say hello.

The venue was a photo studio that quite a few local girls on Adultwork have used as I recognized the sets :D It was a bit awkward to find and a lot of people were having to be guided on the phone but it was discrete as it's not a brothel your looking for.

Once inside I payed my £60 for the 2 hour party and helped myself to a beer at the bar and got chatting to some of the other guys there. Then it was time to strip off and this is when fun4chris spotted me and said hello :drinks:  Then I got chatting to another bloke who turned out to be Nottsnylonlover so it was turning into a bit of a ukescorting party :)
Numbers wise we guested at about 25 blokes and the girls were Isla who I liked at my last party in Walsall and was the main reason I went, Layla pink who I'd also met before and a new girl I think called Emma, Then the host Debbie and 3 swinging couples so it was busy and I though this is going to be a sausage fest of struggling to get some action.

Then it was time for the start in which is Bukkakke, I got straight in there stood behind a bloke being sucked of by Emma and also close to Isla so once one of the blokes had cum I'd be in there :) But then one of the swingers came and kneeled in front of me so my plan had just gone tits up but me being a perve I soon had a hard on so fired my first load on her tits :D
Then I seen Nottsnylonlover and told him that my plan had gone wrong, A few mins later the ques were dying down and I kept looking across at Emma thinking bastard I wanted you so I though bugger it, It might not be allowed but I went over to her had her suck me off until I spunked all over face :D

Then it was break time in which was 20mins and there was a buffet put on for the guests, Me and Chris wasn't to keen about the break with there being 25 blokes for the girls to fuck but at £60 you can't complain.

Once the action started again me and Chris went over to Isla on the bed and she got us both hard and asked us who's first and Chris let me have the honors :drinks: So I fucked her missionary and it was nice and round 3 was soon over with so Chris took over.
Then after a little wander I found Nottsnylonlover stuck into Debbie but I wanted Emma so after a little wait I had her sucking me off whilst another guy fucked her from behind until it was my turn to fuck her whilst she sucked another guy off, This soon got to nice again and round 4 was over with :) I then wandered back into the other side and had Layla ride me on the settee for round 5.  By now we had 15mins left so I went over to my favorite Isla and fucked her again to end my party. I never went with a swinger apart from the one who just gave me oral and I only seen one of them getting fucked, They may have been up for it but I never asked.

So overall I enjoyed myself, It's not for everyone with the high numbers though but I'd do it again

many thanks for info

 I love a party and as im relatively local by train i'll keep this site in mind, good to have a more local site since the demise of Hush Parties

Cheers SP

Offline pedro2

Cheers Chezzie
Never fancied or been to a party, but great to read about a successful one from a trusted punter and 2 other known UKE members :thumbsup:

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Yup, enjoyed my time & for the 60 bucks there's no complaints here.
Yes, the ratio was high but I was never short of any action.
Venue was nice & varied also.
Had a nice chat with a well known male UK model & porn star, too. Really nice bloke.
I'll definitely return.

Nice to meet you Chezzie & Chris.
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Offline peawee

Just curious,  did you attend the party in the afternoon or at night?

It was the afternoon party but since then I've found out the night party was dead :(

Offline peawee

Thanks for that info John. Looks as though they've now given up on plans for evening parties.

I wasn't sure if they'd be back or not but they are on my Birthday. But I'm pretty sure I have some other sexy girls lined up elsewhere as my present  ;)

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